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Guardian Angel Wanted: Must Be Willing To Take On One Hot Mess

Guardian Angel Quote Funny

Whether you believe in Guardian Angels or not, at some point in life you’ll have screwed up and wish you had one sitting on your shoulder.

Your Guardian Angel is that quiet, soft, knowing presence who will:

Take the fall.

Dry the tears.

Pick up the pieces.

Hold your hand.

Reassure your heart.

Restore your faith.

Cushion the blows.

Inspire forward motion.

Mine better arrive with a good sense of humor, because sometimes even the Devil on my shoulder whispers: “What the fuck were you thinking?”

If you don’t need a Guardian Angel today, be one to somebody who does.

BE F♥CKING AWESOME TODAY! (and every day)

Original graphic: Stephanie DelTorchio

Gauardian Angel Quotes Funny

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