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What’s Your One Thing Today?

Do One Thing-4.5.2016

If you’ve followed my BeFAT musings for any time, you’re well aware of my talking about doing ONE THING. These two words are enough to get you (well, me) out of a rut and motivated to get ONE THING accomplished today.

Surely we can all do ONE THING. I’m not talking about “being busy.” Shit you can be busy all day and get absolutely nothing finished or even started — hamster on the wheel ring any bells?

Today I must focus on getting one thing done.

Maybe because it’s springtime (although you’d never know it in New England) but my To-Do list is growing. Besides work stuff I am itching to get out in the yard, if the weather ever decides to cooperate.

I’ve got a screenplay to revise and it’s due in a few weeks. Unless I chain myself to my desk there is a possibility the deadline will come and go. I MUST NOT let that happen.

There is a 25 or so page Manifesto for the BE F-G AWESOME TODAY website that I’ve shelved over and over. It’s the project I MUST finish to take this blog to the next step. Which brings me to the next step — what is the next step? Because it could take many roads. A book? Guest articles elsewhere? Helping other people explore their creativity?

Then there’s the two other screenplays in outline form. A novel about Woodstock, which might become a screenplay idea. IDK.

Oh, and the vegetable bins are wanting me to turn them over. Have I mentioned the weather around here? Snowing? In April!

I’m also helping the hubs build his website and writing his marketing materials — this is in my wheelhouse, but it takes time. And there’s only so much time, right?

There are plenty of things-to-do that will grab my attention today and keep me from doing that one thing I know will make me do the happy dance.  Right now it’s finishing the never-will-be final draft of a screenplay due soon. To manage this Herculean task my one thing for today is to review the subplots. It’s a manageable chunk. That’s what we must do otherwise we get confused– cue the hamster wheel — and a confused mind gets nothing done.

Just remember: ONE THING. You’ll find this small step puts you on the right path (you know it) and closer to your personal Nirvana. It’s not the ONLY THING, but you gotta start somewhere.

The garden will wait (thanks, Mother Nature), the hubs will wait (the website is functional and looks cool) and the other writing projects must wait, too.

If anybody is looking for me today I’ll be chained to my desk.

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