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There Are No Do-Overs

As I lay my head down to sleep I run the day over in my head. Making it to this point amazes me first, then I say a big “thank you” in appreciation for the gift to have had the day.

My history has made me aware how fragile and limited in time a human life can be. We laugh and joke in private groups: Here today, gone tomorrow…I could get hit by a bus…At day’s end I’m more serious.

Without over-analyzing,  judgement, fault-finding or obsessing about it, I ask myself a series of random questions (they’re different every night). Then I assess whether I’ve made the day count or did I totally f-k it up and waste it.  I do this with kindness and self-love, or else my sleep will be restless.

Last night, the summary of my day went like this:

Did I help someone? Make their load lighter? Make them feel special, appreciated, needed, wanted, loved? Make them laugh? Feed their soul and/or their belly?

Contribute in a positive way to my own or someone else’s personal and professional development?

Be brave and try something new?

Stretch my mind and body?

Stick with people and projects?

Consciously release any poison of hurt, anger, unforgiveness?

Show gratitude for my and my family’s health and good fortune?

Before my mind is free to sleep I accept that this day is over and there’s no going back to redo any of it. I also am painfully aware that today is the youngest I will ever be.

The best I can do each day is confess my transgressions, ask for forgiveness and pledge to do a better job tomorrow, should I get that gift. The good news is that by sticking to this practice my gratitude muscle gets stronger each day; so does my awareness that I must not procrastinate ever.

What I now DO NOT do is mull the negative over and over. That includes yesterday. I’ve spent too much time going around and around the same mountain and all it got me was a sour stomach and missed opportunities to enjoy the day in front of me.

When today ends, it ends. Accept that fact. Make it count.

Original graphic: Stephanie DelTorchio
Image: Pixabay

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