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Take A Leap


You’re going to make the decision to leap. Some day.

Here’s the thing: Fear is generally behind not taking the first step. Excuses — even valid ones — are how we cover up our fears. Listen, fear is not an awful thing. It has kept us alive. We make decisions to not do something because we fear what might happen. Walking through a dark parking garage at night alone; eating something still wiggling on our plate. Okay, these are my fears.

Fear is bad when it keeps us from taking a chance to do something that leads us to a good or better place. And here’s another thing: We know it.

The day to start your project, sign up for that class, write your resume, turn in your resignation, walk out of a relationship, etc.  is the day you say:

“I accept this is a scary decision to make, but it’s in my best interest to make it. I am worthy of this decision. This is the day I HONOR myself.”

The chasm between here (the place I know) and there (the place I fear but know I must go) often requires a giant leap of faith.


Original graphic and quote: Stephanie DelTorchio


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