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Did You Get Sparked Today?

From a tiny spark may burst forth a mighty flame/Stephanie DelTorchio/motivation/inspiration/befat.net/11.10.2016


Lots of questions for you…

A SPARK is the small trace of an intense feeling — an inkling, a thought, an idea.

When you add up the many “sparks” which run through your mind each day, it’s easy to become overwhelmed. Which one do you act on first? Which do you let go?

Is it possible that while you were living day to day, it passed you by like “magic in the moonlight”*? You remember exactly the place when the spark hit you. It was memorable and is still ingrained in your personal safety deposit box. But because you put it away, the spark has fizzled or collected dust.

Do you ever wonder if your biggest spark (the ONE) has already happened?

Fear not. Sparks are energy. Forever streaming through you and around you.

Today, challenge yourself to revisit your sparks. Dig them out. Dust them off.

Perhaps it was an abandoned idea or project or thought that got you all excited. But you excused it away as fruitless. Bad timing. Meant for someone else, not you. (Oh, please, don’t revert to those feelings of unworthiness — you are SO WORTHY of your sparks).

And what about your smoldering spark? The one you keep close to the chest. Patiently waiting for perfect conditions before it gets your attention. For you to give it a low and slow breath to ignite it, and with constant attention grow your spark into a roaring fire. That ONE.

So…Did you get sparked today?


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