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If you woke up on this side of the dirt, it's a good day.

Getting Started with the Be F-ing Awesome Today Blog

Are we on the same page?

You’ve been around a while. Seen and survived your share of life’s ups and downs. For the most part you’ve followed the rules  🙂  and done your best to play nice with others.

You start to wonder if this is “it” to life.

Because between your day-to-day must do’s and should do’s there’s something big and grand gnawing inside. Calling you. Keeping you up at night.

“You get so tied up with the minutiae of day-to-day, there’s never a chance to sit back and let your subconscious mind run wild.” ~ ERIC BETZIG

Run wild toward that “thing” you always wanted to try, make or do. Of course it will happen, you say. Someday. When all the stars align perfectly.

In the meantime your time is running out.

Quit being a dabbler and start doing okay?

My Dad once said that sometimes in order to do what you love you need to be a little selfish.

This website will is here to inspire and motivate you. I’ll share what I’ve learned, empower you to skip to the front of line and put yourself first, without guilt.

Listen, if you still need hand holding and there-there sweet pats on the knee every time life throws you a curve, stop reading right now.

You’re in the WRONG place.

However, if you’ve finally awakened to the fact that you have this ONE LIFE to do meaningful shit which makes you insanely happy, and you’re serious about maximizing your time, welcome.

You’re exactly in the RIGHT place.

On this website we regularly post NO B.S. advice and practical tips with step-by-step strategies that work in real life to produce results.

This blog is here if you want to…

♥  Live a happier life by making the time to do what you love

♥  Learn how to slay obstacles, negativity, fears and self-sabotaging behaviors holding you back

♥  Increase your self-esteem and boost confidence in yourself

♥  Reduce procrastination, get organized, become more productive & effective


 I’m not O.K. You’re not O.K. Who the hell cares? Nobody

Here’s the caveat. We’re all fucked up in our own way. It’s what makes us colorful and interesting and fun and challenging humans.

You believe the goal in life is to squeeze the crap out of it and be happy, right? And the answer to what that looks like is very personal, to YOU.

Frankly, if you’ve found your pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, that’s nice, but we don’t want you here. Because the rest of us haven’t arrived, yet. We’re struggling and scraping and clawing out of our personal funks.

We’re not buying into chanting and crystals, retreats in Bali, funky holistic mumbo-jumbo either.

We’re realists, looking to get from Monday to Friday with our sanity intact and a satisfactory purpose etched on our soul.

So if you’re done whining, moaning, grumbling and complaining about everything that sucks in this world, you’ve found your people!

Your NEW GOAL is to LIVE WHAT YOU LOVE and exit this world kicking and screaming and laughing all the way. You with me?


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Who is this Stephanie broad?

I am a blogger and writer who left a varied career in education, marketing and promotions to LIVE WHAT I LOVE. My hope is to write something worth reading and to become a published author before I die, which could be any day now.

Sometimes it’s a constant itch or a slow simmer, other times it takes a life-changing situation to motivate a person to take a leap. (Read about the day that launched the BeFAT lifestyle here.)

This website, the content posted and me are ever evolving. I share my thoughts about life, what’s helped me cut out the crap, the noise (for the most part) and enjoy every day. My hope is that you find some of what you read helpful and useful in your life.


“When you see the glass as half empty, add more wine!”


So how has embracing this Be F-ing Awesome Today mentality helped me? A couple of examples:

  Switched from a generally pessimistic world view to a much more positive one. Honestly, things still piss me off, but I’m more selective using my middle finger in traffic.

♥  Learned to stopped giving a damn of what other people think about me, or what I write.

  Vowed to never associate with grumpy, negative, narcissistic, self-absorbed zealots ever again. Ever. Like, go away before someone drops a house on you.

♥  Got out of my own head and stopped living by my “feelings”. (Cue the choir on this baby!)

♥  Became more mindful of the present, and appreciative of the really small stuff. You know, stopped to smell the roses and all.

  Got organized. Created systems and became a list making guru to get things done. Need a AAA battery? Right there in the blue bin, in the little closet, with ALL THE BATTERIES. Is that so hard people?

  Realized that my teenage body left me 40-something years ago, and a steady diet of cheeseburgers and chocolate cake wouldn’t go along for the ride. I slowly became a vegetarian (mostly), found some exercises I can stick with, and on rare occasion eat chocolate. Because, c’mon, CHOCOLATE.

♥  Created several websites, hundreds of content pieces, two screenplays and one novel. I’ve learned A LOT by doing things myself. “If you can read you can do anything.” Best Dad quote ever.

  Today I awake thankful for the chance to do it again. And lie down every evening super grateful to have made it to the end of the day.

Finally, I’m happy to get to do work I love with people who add joy and pleasure to my life.

What I write about are things that have had a positive effect on me. Some or maybe many of these thoughts and strategies may work for you too.

A note of caution: I’m not a trained professional (or amateur) therapist and no information on this site should be construed as psychological advice. It’s provided as friendly entertainment. If you have serious problems, please seek professional help.


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