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You Are Beautiful


If you see someone beautiful say something

Today, if you see someone beautiful, say something.

I’m not talking about gorgeous women (and men) on magazine covers who may or may not have been generously (airbrushed) blessed with flawless skin and thick eyelashes; desirable tall frames in barely there bikinis with stick-like legs that go on for days.  No doubt these freaks of nature exist. Bless them…

I’m talking about TRULY BEAUTIFUL people. The real, inner beauty that once seen for its value should take our breaths away, more than a mock-up version of commercial beauty.

To the harried young mother juggling two babies and a cartload of groceries, wondering if she’ll ever fit in her “regular” clothes again — you are beautiful.

To the elderly man who holds the hand of his struggling wife — you are beautiful.

To the countless volunteers who give their time and energy to causes near and dear to the their hearts — you are beautiful.

To the men and women who put their lives in front of the public to keep us safe and secure — you are beautiful.

To the people who are lost and wandering, we pray your path is illuminated with trust and direction — you are beautiful.

To the ill and the dying, even when your body is struggling to heal or deciding it’s time to take the journey home — you are beautiful.

To the nurturers and caregivers, with their compassion and unselfish dedication to making another person’s life more comfortable — you are beautiful.

To the unsung workers who sweat in the brutal heat and bitter cold to make our public spaces safe and enjoyable — you are beautiful.

To the children who share their innocence and make us laugh — you are beautiful.

To the readers of this page who grant me your time, and the latitude and freedom to share my rants and thoughts — you are beautiful.

P.S.  These are the people I encountered today. Who are the beautiful people you encountered today? Please add to the list and post if you like.


Original graphic and quote: Stephanie DelTorchio

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