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Which Way Do We Go?

Quote: When nothing goes right,go left.|Stephanie DelTorchio|funny life quotes|when nothing goes right

We almost always have options.

This or that. Black or white. Paper or plastic. How do we know if we’re making the right, or best, choice?

Sometimes our decisions are based on solid facts. Other times, pure fear. And when all else fails, we flip a coin to hopefully gain the advantage.

Remember when Dorothy first encounters the Scarecrow in the movie, The Wizard Oz? She’s come to a fork in the road and isn’t sure which yellow brick road to choose.

Spare the “road less traveled” symbolism. Dorothy’s path choice wasn’t so poetic.

But the Scarecrow made suggestions:

“That way is a very nice way,” he said pointing to the right.

Without much hesitation he pointed left. “It’s pleasant down that way too.”

Crossing his arms he finally concluded: “Of course people do go both ways.”

Going to the right is not the opposite of going to the left. Either choice holds the possibility of being correct, which is the opposite of being wrong. If you’re afraid to choose, flip a coin.

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Original graphic: Stephanie DelTorchio

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