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When The F.A.T. Lady Sings

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We all get stuck from time to time. In a relationship or a job or a situation that no longer supports our greater good. We float between feeling lukewarm or dissatisfied or even downright miserable.

So have you had enough? Is it time to move on?

Maybe it’s not such a terrible situation. Things are okay, and you’re only mildly constipated. Growth might be the issue. You’ve outgrown the relationship. The job. The house. “The way things are.”

Those aren’t necessarily negatives. Having to decide to DO something is what’s got your panties twisted in knots.

Because we freaking hate change.

But you’re being F.A.T. (F*cking Awesome Today) right? Then you know each day matters. And the ticktock of time passing isn’t making you any prettier.

Be a big girl (or boy.) Get serious. It’s time to move on, little doggie.

You don’t need to forget the past, just accept that things have changed. It’s different now. Those were yesterday’s feelings. Today you have new feelings. Like punching somebody in the face or trying a new brand of underwear. It’s all good.

Sometimes the choice is super easy. The company laid off 10% of the workers and you were one of them. You need to find a new job. End of story.

Worse, the choices you need to make are the result of an emotional uprising. The bastard walked out on you. In debt. With kids. And no car. Sucks, but you’ll figure it out.

Or tragic. You’ve suffered a great loss in your life. A spouse. Child. Parent. Lover. Friend. Pet. You’ll figure this out too, and be able to move on.

Good or bad, sad or mad, reading the same chapter over and over doesn’t advance the story. Overthinking (guilty!) gives you a migraine and doesn’t get you one step closer to the next great thing.

A few signs that it might be time to move on:

• You eat three-day old cold meatloaf, for breakfast, at 2 p.m.

• You stop showering and lounge in PJs all day, for nine days in a row.

• You look like hell. (Chin hairs will never be “a thing”)

• Your friends stop calling (’cause you’re SO much fun to hang with)

• You don’t recognize your face in the mirror. (you look homeless and destitute)

The fat lady has sung. It’s not an ending, just the beginning. Be F.A.T. Move on.

BE F*CKING AWESOME TODAY (and every day)

Original graphic: Stephanie DelTorchio

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