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Trial and Error

Trial and Error/motivational quote/inspirational quote/ DelTorchio

Beginnings get us excited. All our energy is focused and charged. We’re pumped and ready. Nothing can stop us now.

Until it starts to go south.

But rather than throwing in the towel, go back to the drawing board. Tweak it. Rethink it. Get some feedback.

Whatever you do, don’t you dare give up. It’s a game of trials and errors.

Unless your heart is truly not in it. Don’t half-ass it and then complain it didn’t work. Cut your losses. Use your energy and talent where it does the best good for you.

When we try anything — fly or fall — we gain from the experience. You win some, you lose some, right? A failure (the unexpected outcome) could become the stepping stone to the next thing or a difference version of the thing.

If after all your earnest effort you decide that it didn’t work out or wasn’t your thing after all, you’ll be able to share your highs and lows with others. Let your positive AND negative experiences help someone else begin their journey. And then begin again.


Original graphic: Stephanie DelTorchio

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