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The One Question You Must Answer Today

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If I were the Queen of the Universe, every person would be granted 100 years of health and happiness. On your 100th birthday, we’d throw you a big party with a ten-tier cake and balloons. No clowns, because clowns are creepy. I’m surprised people are just getting on board with this one. Anyway, no clowns. If you want entertainment, expect a band of your choice or a magician. At the end of the night we’d wave good-bye as your train departs the station into the great unknown.

That was fun. Now everybody come down to the real world.

We get that this life is finite right? There’s only so much time to get stuff done. But the kicker is, none of us knows how long we get to play.

Go and have fun. Find your passion. Explore your interests. Suck this life of yours dry.

Most of us have multiple interests, so when we’re put on the spot, it’s a hard to answer the question: What is your passion in life? What do you care about? What makes you the most happy? Don’t worry if you don’t know. Hang on a sec.

I write, okay? For most of my life writing has been an “interest” but not what I’d call a “passion”. To me a passionate person meant someone who does just that one thing. Someone with proof and clout. A guy who says “I’m a cabinetmaker” implies that he makes cabinets for a living, and he’s a pro, doing what he loves. He has clients with installed kitchens to show for it.

To say out loud, “I am writer” must mean that I actually produce big and tangible works — novels or scripts or regularly published columns — and that it’s good work. That’s debatable. I write every day. It doesn’t exactly MAKE me a writer. Or does it?

I am passionate about the work I do. I try and fail, try again and fail again, but don’t give up. I’ve never really felt this way about anything else. I fight on when my work is criticized. Pushing through rejection after rejection. On to the next idea and the next project, because I can’t image NOT writing.

So I did a little research on what makes something a passion.

Amazon has over 150,000 book titles to help you discover it. Countless articles have been written about it. There are online courses and weekend retreats (meal plans optional) to excavate from you the very thing that rocks your core.

Before you spend hours and hours reading or chanting around the campfire, let me propose a single question. It’s the one constant that shows up over and over. In every person I question about passion, and following life’s quest for meaning and happiness. Ready?

How afraid are you to follow the idea in your gut?

The thing you believe to be your passion MUST scare the shit out of you. Otherwise it’s a hobby or an interest or a passing fling.

That’s fine, but these are mediocre ideas. Hardly a passion. And mediocre never makes your heart race. Great ideas make you break out in a cold sweat.

No matter how productive or worthy or financially sound your daily job, if it bores the crap out of you, you might be living in a sell-out job or a shadow career. Think about the time, i.e. years and years, you’ll spend doing something that is sucking the passion out of you. When you feel your calling pull, lean towards that direction.

How afraid are you of the thing which you believe is for you to pursue? Go do that. On any day your train will leave the station.

BE F*CKING AWESOME TODAY! (and every day)

Original graphic: Stephanie DelTorchio

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