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Success is showing up

“You can’t there from here.”

We New Englanders know the irony of this quote, but the fact is, if we don’t show up at all, we get nowhere, fast.

I’m not sure how true this is, but I read these two quotes attributed to the legendary Woody Allen:

70% of success is showing up. ~ Woody Allen
80% of success is showing up. ~ Woody Allen

And that’s NOT the funny part.

Perhaps as we get older it takes more “showing up” to be successful at whatever it is we are aiming for. I know writers with regular full-time jobs who get up two hours early to work on their projects. It’s that important to them. They sacrifice sleep and probably wine and sex to carve out time before anyone else in the house gets up.

A big part of your life is spent in the Monday through Friday trenches for sure. But remember that “thing”?

That dream?



The thing that gets you all charged up in the middle of the night?

Yeah, that one.

Well, what have you done TODAY to move in the direction of your desire?

Before you can expect to see any progress you must show up. If you spend two hours, heck, one hour a day, that’s 365 hours in a year of dedicated time to follow that bliss, dream, goal, desire — whatever you want to call it. You know, 365 hours divided by 8 (hours in a normal work day) is just over 45 days in a year’s time that could be dedicated to whatever it is you want. And I am weak in math, so double check my figures!

The point is, stolen time can come from anywhere in your life. And if your “thing” is so important to you, you’ll figure out where you can steal an hour, or two. But do it.

Please do. Your tomorrow will thank you. I’m 80% sure that I’m 100% correct on this one.

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