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Outwit The Time Bandits

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One day you look in the mirror and see this older version of yourself and wonder: When did the time bandits break in and enter my life and steal all the years?


For me it’s more like: “Who the hell are you, and what did you do with the young gal who used to live here?” stop-wasting-time

A wise person sees beyond the obvious —wrinkles, spots, sagging — and assesses below the skin surface. You understand the truth: it is a privilege to age.

Time is both an enemy and a friend.

You buy the creams and lotions in hopes of salvaging (or warding off) the inevitable, of course, but you’re also quite conscious of the time stamp on your life.

Maybe reality hits and today’s the day you start taking inventory, asking:

Have I done what I’ve wanted to do in this life?

Am I satisfied with the path I’ve taken or choices made?

Have I reached out and stretched and challenged myself to discover my potential?

Fulfilled my wildest dreams?

Am I making the best use of the time I have left?

Have I let the cat back in? Fluffy!??

If not, why?stop-wasting-time

If you’re waiting, when do you plan to get out of your own way and begin?

To travel.

To dance the tango.

To ride a horse.

Learn a language.

Write a book.

Plant tomatoes.

You get the idea…

How much time is on your dance card is the great unknown of course. If you are reading this, there’s some good news to share. You have time TODAY to do some seriously epic shit. Trust me on this, keeping the bunnies away from the tomato garden is an epic feat.

Every day I grow more conscious of passing time. Once I thought it was morbid to have these thoughts. Now I see it as a challenge. In my mind every day is kind of like the old game show Beat The Clock.

Even on days I curl up with a book, I TRY to be conscious of the time spent. Then it doesn’t feel wasted.  stop-wasting-time

I’m painfully aware that the years behind me are more in number (probably) than those in front of me. Side note: Could the sci-fi people speed up bionic replacement parts development? Please. I’m just looking for a few finger joints and perhaps some refreshed brain function to help me find my glasses now and then.

This world runs by the clock

There are 86,400 seconds in a day.

Somehow we manage to cram something into every corner of those seconds.

How many are truly necessary and how many are wasteful is up to you.

This world we live in uses time to run the place in an efficient manner. Doctor’s appointments. Train schedules. Three minute egg timers.

It’s good to be aware of the clock, my friend, to keep from missing the important things, but don’t fear it. Hear the tick-tick as it passes by and honor it. Just don’t go all crazy and let it rule every single day.

You’re supposed to have fun and free time without anticipating a buzzer going off any second.

Passive life vs engaged life

The Universe is in constant motion and we have two options when it comes to how we choose to manage the time:

  1. Remain stagnant and have the universal energy move you about randomly like space junk (passive life).
  2. Grab hold, buckle up and ride with it to the end of your time (engaged life). P.S. Outward screams of “Holy Shit!” and “Yee-Ha! are allowed.

There are (probably, literally) a million reasons and excuses to stay passive. Any one of them sucks your precious time. Give this enough thought and you’ll kick yourself for the seconds turned minutes turned hours turned days turned years you’ve slowly pissed away. Remember: No do-overs. (Read: THERE ARE NO DO-OVERS)

People who see life as an adventure find the purity in the smallest things. Doesn’t matter what or where the time is spent, just that’s it’s been spent DOING SOMETHING. Preferably something that brings you joy.

My six-year-old little buddy and I spent an hour watching a found caterpillar shaking and fighting its way out of its cocoon. We were patient. Between pretzel and juice snacks we whispered about the slow progress, anticipating the beautiful butterfly’s arrival.   (Read: BE THE BUTTERFLY)

I gladly traded seconds (minutes, an HOUR!) of work (or anything) for the chance to marvel at a little boy’s face as he watched the metamorphosis unfold before our very eyes. I knew that time would never come again.

The all or nothing theory

We humans are especially good at stunting our own growth by mindlessly letting time tick by. Whether it’s something internal that stops our actions, such as fear or doubt or laziness or procrastination or some other enemy within, as we get older we subscribe to the all or nothing theory.

Either we go all in to getting stuff done or we veg on the hammock (guilty here) THINKING about what we MIGHT do. Later. Someday. Tomorrow…

When we run out of legitimate excuses we fabricate new ones.

You can probably list a dozen very valid reasons for wasting time.

  • It’s too late for me.
  • I have a bum knee.
  • I lack the skills.
  • It will take 10 years to get that degree.
  • They are hiring younger people.
  • I’m weak in math (hee-hee).
  • I lack the right connections.
  • Hell, I’m freakin’ tired!

Welcome to the settled life

Truth is, we settle in and get comfortable with routine. It’s easy. We’ve already worked a long time. Maybe raised a family. Volunteered. Been active. Now we get to relax and coast. We’ve earned this time.

We’re content. What’s wrong with that? Not a thing.

We run our lives mostly on auto-pilot and it works just fine, thank you. About dreams and goals and bucket lists, we say things like “I’ll do it in my next life.”

All I ask is: Are you sure about that one?

Manage the time you’ve got

It doesn’t matter if you are twenty years old or sixty. If there are things you need or want to do, they ain’t happening with you prone on the couch, a bowl of popcorn on your belly, binge watching re-runs of The West Wing. (Guilty)

If that’s the best use of your time, by the way, then kudos to you for the accomplishment.

But if you’re a goer and a doer and your list has things still to be crossed off, turn off the remote, wash your face and get a move on.

Be open to shifting your “norm” to a new routine that frees up pockets of time for what you want to accomplish.

Every moment you excuse, delay or defer, the tick-tick gets louder.

The lights don’t all turn green at the same time

You may wait a lifetime for the ‘right time’ and that’s a long time, because here’s a news flash: There is no right time. All the lights hardly ever turn green at the same time. But it kills a LOT of time. While you’re waiting other moments and opportunities have whizzed by you. Remember: Often it is safe to proceed through a yellow light.

Perfect moments are rare

However, this crazy Universe is full of hints and whispers, all vying for your attention to get the ball rolling. Use a moment or a glimpse of something to step out. Stop wasting time. Don’t wait for perfection. Even if you THINK you’ve found it, when you stand up close to it, well, we’ve all been disappointed.

We want to be happy stop wasting time

What happens when you spend time and take the leap or follow whatever makes you happy?

You just may surprise yourself.

A funny thing happens when you stop worrying about the time you have left in the world and start using it for what makes you happy. You’ll trip over opportunities and find new directions. Perhaps a second act or new career or volunteer opportunity or spark of inspiration brings unimagined joy and happiness to you and others. (See: The Kindness Rocks Project)

In seventh grade science class we all learned Newton’s Law of Motion: A body in motion tends to stay in motion. I got a B in Science so go with this general definition, okay you guys? Just get moving.

Explanation of time

I had a professor whose daughter was turning five years old. She haunted him and his wife all day, every day, for weeks about her upcoming birthday. This pending event consumed her every waking moment, and a lot of our class time.

“Is it today Daddy? Is it today?”stop wasting time

The professor explained that little kids have no real concept or context of time. In his daughter’s limited world experience this birthday year accounted for one-fifth of her life. This explained her impatience and excitement. There wasn’t a lot else going on in her life to keep the birthday event in check as compared to the rest of the world.

Depending on your age, this year will account for a proportional fraction of your total life too. The older you get, the smaller the fraction. Doesn’t your birthday seem to arrive quicker each year? Not exactly scientific proof but you get the idea.

Make peace with time. There’s only so much of it, and the big question of ‘how much’ can’t be answered.

It’s best to acknowledge the limitation of time you have to pursue all that’s here for you in this life rather than worry or wallow about how little time may or may not be in your future. Doing so just gives the time bandits opportunity to rob you of the good stuff. Put a lock on that okay?



Original graphic: Stephanie DelTorchio

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