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Call it laziness. Procrastination. Second guessing. Hedging. Toying. Dilly-dallying.

Whatever name you give it doesn’t help you to move forward.

No matter how you justify the reasons you haven’t taken the step out, or the leap, they are all just excuses. Wrap them in pretty paper and a bow (valid reasons why you can’t) only makes your hopes, dreams, whatever your “thing” is, pushed further out of reach.

Why are you playing hide and go seek with whatever it is you MUST do. What you WANT to do?

Stop for a second. Look down at your feet. Wherever you are standing…this place is a good place to begin.

Just start already.

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(Taking my own advice after exhausting all the excuses — procrastination, laziness, doubts, roadblocks…all of it — and organizing all of my notes to finally start writing an e-book.)


Original graphic: Stephanie DelTorchio

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