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Spread Joy

Painted Wood Sign JOY www.befat.net

Not to sound all mushy but it’s easy to find Joy, especially this time of the year. And God knows this planet needs Joy.

Last night, despite chilly temps, community members gathered for a small tree lighting ceremony to honor and remember cancer patients. Signs of Joy were everywhere.

in the testimony and support from patients and families for the unwavering kindness and love provided by a caring, professional oncology staff.

in the aspiring voices of the middle school chorus, directed by a student conductor.

in the faces of children when Santa appeared — skinny, jolly, ringing bells; just as wonderful and magical as the rotund mall version without long lines or admission fee to say ‘hello’.

in the eyes of a sweet friend as she shared news of the heaven-sent companion she married, two years after losing her former partner to cancer.

in the warm hugs of a mother while announcing her son is cancer-free.

on the satisfied face of a beloved oncology nurse and clinical researcher on her decision to retire at the end of the year.

in hearing the name of the person who bought a raffle ticket ahead of me win the door prize.

the painted sign on my shed door. Placed there on purpose this holiday to be the first reminder every morning to live in Joy and do my very best to spread it.


Image/Painted Sign: Stephanie DelTorchio

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