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Screw It Today

So the day didn’t end with a gold star to put on your fridge? Big deal. Today, don’t beat yourself up for what you didn’t get accomplished. Screw it.

Don’t sulk over the pile of stuff sitting in the corner waiting for you (It will be there tomorrow. Promise). The paperwork you finally were going to clean up, the closet you’d haul out before the donation truck shows up, the phone calls you said you’d make (dentist, a friend, etc.)…all of it. The world is not going to end because you, yes YOU, didn’t move a mountain or cook a turkey dinner today. Screw it.

Some days just drag. We feel blah all day, can’t get out of our own way, become stuck in a funk, lie around listless. Today maybe you wandered directionless or crashed into a wall! If the day found you dragging ass (for no reason whatsoever, or because you were a naughty camper last night) get over it and let that hangover feeling pass.

Or worse, you gave your best effort to everything you touched and things still went to shit. You attempted to communicate and despite your clarity, lines got crossed, the message misinterpreted and feelings got hurt. You valiantly stuck to the diet and exercise program until s/he (that domestic rat) took the chocolate chip cookies out of the oven. Oh my…warm cookies. Cold milk. Oh my…Screw it okay?

Today be kind to you. Give yourself the benefit of the same break you’d give others. Yep, sure, we mess up in small ways and royally f-k up more times than we’d care to count. So what? We are human. Beautiful and wonderfully fallible. Creative, marvelous beings capable of both so much and on some days, it seems, so little.

Today, fuggedaboutit.


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