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Release The Albatross Around Your Neck

Alan Cohen quote:View the past as your enemy, and it will be an Albatross. View it as your friend, and it will give you wings.jpg

Number One: We’ve all done things we’re not necessarily proud of. inspiration freedom

Number Two: Whatever you call them — errors, sins, poor judgements, misdeeds, crimes — what’s the freakin’ pride in carrying them year after year? inspiration freedom

I’m tired already of doing this like it’s my job. Not to mention my back isn’t as strong or limber as it once was to shoulder such a heavy load until the end of my days. Hopefully, you’re with me on this one.

The origin of the phrase

The phrase “an albatross around your neck” alludes to Samuel Taylor Coleridge ‘s poem “ The Rime of the Ancient Mariner,” in which a sailor who shoots a friendly albatross (a large sea bird) with a crossbow, is forced to wear its carcass around his neck as punishment.

In more modern interpretations, it’s meant to symbolize the crap we carry as a badge of penance. Oh the drama…

Stop torturing yourself

I’m thinking had I forgiven myself for all my “stuff” years ago, I’d be tall enough to play in the WNBA as a point guard. Instead, on tippy toes, I barely pass the marked sign: “You need to be THIS TALL to ride the rollercoaster.” (Post: Real life moves up and down)

So when is it the right time to release yourself from the yoke of past transgressions and carry on with your one beautiful life?

Probably yesterday. inspiration freedom

The view from the world

It’s doubtful you’ve ever killed an albatross with a crossbow, but something you did has caused you to shoulder a heavy burden. In this lifetime it’s impossible to keep your nose out of trouble. And your mouth shut.

The outward signs of the stigma or shame hold you down. You aren’t light enough to take flight. And the people close to you see your everyday struggle.

What if you skew your perception of the old Albatross?

Albatross Quote: The Rime of the Ancient Mariner.jpg

Rather than clinging to it, accept it.

Own it.

Atone for it. T

hen let it the frig go.

And by the way: The onus is on you. Nobody can do it for you. So don’t ask.

Give your albatross freedom

Treat the burdens you’ve chosen to lug around as a friend; someone who looks to you for help and a hug and a glass (or bottle) of wine.

As freely as you’d give dear friends compassion, understanding and a pass for her actions, be as kind and generous to yourself.

Remember, at the time you committed these acts, you did so with the collective wisdom you had to date. To hang on to something from your 20s or 30s, or whenever, with all your present day sense and faculties is ridiculous.

If you knew better then you would have done better. You didn’t know. You fucked up.

But you’re experienced now.

You know better than to lie and steal and leave bags of flaming dog poop at someone’s doorstep. At least we hope you do.

Your personal albatross is the permission slip YOU write.

To stay stuck and weighted down is pure self-torture.

It’s not a pretty sight okay?

Carrying the albatross stymies progress and growth and limits opportunities. If you move at all, it is with the foresight of a sloth.

Release the dead carcass. Release the burdens you’ve shouldered. Release yourself from under the weight of what no longer serves any purpose — as if it ever did.

Step up. Stand straight. You ARE tall enough to ride.


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