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Real Life Moves Up and Down

What if life moved in a straight line, like a train, traveling from Point A to Point B, with its predictable stops and familiar co-riders? Along with our nicely printed schedules, each stop highlighted in a different color, we know the route in advance. Every station looks similar enough to keep us from becoming lost and confused in the rush of traffic.

We jump off whenever we wish, to see the sites, go to work, have lunch at the café with friends and head on to the next point of interest. You take your time; no hurry, no worry. The last train stop is the end your life. It’s all vacation-like. Very civilized and hassle-free.

And for someone who appreciates peace and order, this planned out idea suits me fine.

I’d like to add one more thing to my neat and regimented world. One hundred guaranteed healthy years on Earth, and a written plan to move through life quietly and gracefully. Where do I sign up? This boring world exists in my delusional mind where everything has a place and there’s a reason for everything. I’m a bit of an organizer, a tad O.C.D. (according to some people) and unless you represent the Publisher’s Clearing House Sweepstakes, please don’t surprise me.

But life is a crapshoot.

Sometimes the train derails, or temporarily loses power. We sit in the dark waiting calmly to be rescued, or panic, crawling over people in a fight to find our way towards the nearest exit.

We intellectualize the need to prepare for the unknown. With one year as a Girl Scout, I’m hardly McGyver material. The only reason you’d want to be stranded with me on a dessert island is because I always bring extra toilet paper.

We have no idea and no guarantee how many years we get to stay here on this silly planet and we can never predict in which direction our life will go. Here’s something I know for certain: It ain’t going in a straight line. More like ziggy-zaggy, back and forth, one step forward and two back — here’s a patch of quicksand and oops, a steep waterfall you never saw coming.

Life has a way of throwing shit at you like you’re in the center of some demented dodge ball game. The minute you duck from being bonked in the head, you get creamed in the rear. While someone runs to fetch a ball you get a breather, but it’s not long before someone else chucks one at your gut and knocks the wind out of you.

There are years in life that seem to go smoothly. Other years you can’t buy a prayer or catch a break. You spend too much time on your knees pleading for answers and begging for forgiveness.

For the majority of our life we do nothing more than survive Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday to get a Saturday and Sunday time-out only to start the Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday all over again. You blink and twenty years goes by. And you start to wonder when was it exactly that you nodded off and slept on the train as all those stops passed by.

With the roller coaster that is this life some seriously cool and amazing things can happen. The best you can do is hold on to your hat, strap yourself in, buy a ticket and enjoy the ride. Because if you want a slow and predictable life, well my friends, you’ve come to the wrong carnival.


Original graphic and quote: Stephanie DelTorchio
Image: Courtesy Mark Asthoff

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