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Take Advantage Of Your Rebirth
What Happens When You Live Day By Day
10 Famous Inspirational Quotes On Fear
You May Take One Baby Step
Comparing Apples To Oranges
12 Things I Don’t Give A Sh*t About Anymore
Guardian Angel Wanted: Must Be Willing To Take On One Hot Mess
6 Signs That You’re Pissing Your Life Away and 6 Ways To Stop It Now.
The Domino Effect On Your Life Decisions
Dig Yourself Out Of A Rut (No Shovel Required)

Take Advantage Of Your Rebirth

rebirth postive quote.jpg

No matter if you find yourself in the swirl of a firestorm or a particularly “normal” day, do something memorable with it.

Be naughty. Be fun. Be fabulous. Be inspiring. Be encouraging. Be helpful. Be thoughtful. Be amazing.

Take advantage of your rebirth.


Original graphic and quote: Stephanie DelTorchio

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What Happens When You Live Day By Day

live day by day quote.jpg

Worry, anxiety, the past and even the future keep you from enjoying this day. How learning to live day by day can improve the quality of your life.

You’re stressed out.


Between personal obligations, work, family, the leaking roof and twenty extra pounds (like, when the hell did THAT happen?), it’s no wonder the day ends in a heap of exhaustion.

The stress is compounded by thinking backwards: to yesterday, last week…childhood anyone? And for good measure let’s toss in stress about tomorrow, next week, Thanksgiving NEXT YEAR at HER house…

You get where we’re going on this one right?

Raise your hand (or glass) if you’d like to learn to live day by day and how not to be stressed by the overwhelming demand from life in general.

“Yeah, but you have NO idea all the shit that’s happened to me or MIGHT be coming down the road,” you say. Wah-wah-wah. Stop whining and consider this:

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10 Famous Inspirational Quotes On Fear

Fear quote.jpg

Fear will keep you alive.

Fear will also keep you from living.

Today, respect fear. It keeps you from putting your hand into the fire. Thanks to fear you will not burn.

Today, also know that the same fear keeps you from

taking a chance,



reaching out,

making decisions,

saying “yes”,

saying “no”,

making the next move,


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You May Take One Baby Step

Quotes to Inspire You to Take Small Simple Steps Each Day

These are big goals you have, no?

We want so much. We want it now. We can see it in our minds complete and shiny and successful.

But before we take the first step toward the big goal, we overthink it. We become overwhelmed by all that needs our attention to make it happen. On schedule. On budget. Before someone else does it.

In effort to get there fast we jump out ahead with a half-baked plan. Leading to rash decisions. Spending time and resources in places our calmer head would not.

Giant steps split pants and pull muscles. Small steps in the right direction will take us to our ultimate goal with everything intact.

It’s entirely possible that the map you’re following is ripped and faded. You think turning right is the goal, and then Universe jerks you left.

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Comparing Apples To Oranges


Irecently enrolled in an online class to grow this website (and the others under my care). Part of the year long course is a private student forum. Here questions are asked and answered. Some information is helpful, but it’s the progress of the other students that brings on my self-doubt.

Many students are way ahead of me.

They’ve created lots of in-depth and interesting content. Secured advertising clients. Designed beautiful websites.

Some are making incredible progress, and posting impressive reader statistics and financial gains to the forum as proof.

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12 Things I Don’t Give A Sh*t About Anymore

Letting go quote.jpg

We hang on to a ton of “junk” that no longer fits our life. But once we have the courage to clean house, life gets a lot lighter and leaner.

The song “Let It Go” from the movie FROZEN should be the anthem of every adult. All the problems and worries that kept us awake at night as younger people are replaced by hot flashes and restless leg syndrome.

Which I wish would just GO.

Facing mid-life makes you take stock. What’s really important as you slide down the other side of the mountain? You’d better figure it out because…

The ride gets faster.

Time whizzes by.

Gravity works against you.

What are you ready to let go?

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Guardian Angel Wanted: Must Be Willing To Take On One Hot Mess

Guardian Angel Quote Funny

Whether you believe in Guardian Angels or not, at some point in life you’ll have screwed up and wish you had one sitting on your shoulder.

Your Guardian Angel is that quiet, soft, knowing presence who will:

Take the fall.

Dry the tears.

Pick up the pieces.

Hold your hand.

Reassure your heart.

Restore your faith.

Cushion the blows.

Inspire forward motion.

Mine better arrive with a good sense of humor, because sometimes even the Devil on my shoulder whispers: “What the fuck were you thinking?”

If you don’t need a Guardian Angel today, be one to somebody who does.

BE F♥CKING AWESOME TODAY! (and every day)

Original graphic: Stephanie DelTorchio

Gauardian Angel Quotes Funny

6 Signs That You’re Pissing Your Life Away and 6 Ways To Stop It Now.

Do what you love. Period.

How to stop wasting time and make the time to do what you love.

Is this your problem?

“I can’t find time to do what I love.”

Sorry to be harsh, but here’s the answer: Balderdash!

It may be semantics, but change “find” to “make” and we have a new ballgame people.

The timeline in life is only so long, and there’s no telling how many years we get to play the game. So don’t spend it sitting on the bench, wishing, hoping, dreaming, that someday you’ll get to play ball, while watching those around swing for the fences.

This game of life allows the choice to do something that excites us and fulfills us during the time we’ve been granted. Best of all, exploring what we love to do offers the potential to leave the world a slightly better place for our passing through it.

See? Doing what you love benefits us all!

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The Domino Effect On Your Life Decisions

The Domino Effect. Inspirational quote.

A domino effect or chain reaction is the cumulative effect produced when one event sets off a chain of similar events

How something so small creates great results

It starts as something really small. Barely a whisper. The energy so insignificant that the event passes by the most astute observer.

But it’s that one little thing, one decision, that triggers the next thing and the next, until your life resembles a set of toppled dominoes.

This is good, or bad news, depending on the intent of the what has set the first domino in motion.

In the “good” case, a slight tap creates a whirlwind of positive energy. A first date leads to marriage. A pop-up kiosk becomes a chain of profitable retail stores.

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Dig Yourself Out Of A Rut (No Shovel Required)

 7 practical things to do RIGHT NOW to get out of a rut.

7 practical things you can do RIGHT NOW to dig yourself out of a rut.

We’re optimistic humans as long as things are going our way.

In the morning, after a sound sleep, we high-five the fellow caffeine depleted in line. “Have a great day!” we say and skip off to work.

The plumber who scheduled to snake the toilet at 8 a.m. arrived at 7:50 IN THE MORNING.

Shoot, you can’t believe how great things are going.

Then something changes.

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