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Choose Your Words Wisely
It’s Time To Live BIGLY
You Have Options, For Now
5 False Expectations That Will Ruin Your Day
Your Flaws Are Nobody’s Business
7 Funny Inspirational Quotes And Musings About Life
Mop The Floor And Shut The Lights
3 Ways To Deal With Criticism (The Last One Is The Bomb)
Stupid Is The New Smart When You’re Stuck
FAQs And The Answers

Choose Your Words Wisely

Mark Twain quote on word choice.jpg

Sometimes the answer you received is directly related to the words you chose to ask the question.

The next time you ask a question consider the words you choose. And if you want a different answer, ask a different question.


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It’s Time To Live BIGLY

FUNNY QUOTE: Bigly* pronounced: big-lee. An adverb meaning to do it in a big way. *It's a real word. I know, right? Me too.

Constantin Stanislavski, a Russian stage actor and director, remarked that “there are no small parts, only small actors.” The meaning as it pertains to your life is easily transferred: You were not created to live playing small. Even in your select little world you get to choose to play the lead actor. live bigly

However, every moment you waste rolling over all the shouldas, wouldas or couldas in your head takes away from doing shit that matters.

Time is your most valuable commodity, and it’s running out. The kicker is that you have no idea when the end buzzer will go off. So the question then becomes: “How do you suck it in for all it’s worth for as long as you can?” The short answer is, no matter where you are in life, “Live BIGLY.”

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You Have Options, For Now

Quote on making choices before it's too late.jpg

In the 1970s my grandmother believed there were only four job options for a young woman: teacher, nurse, secretary, or to marry fictional heartthrob, Keith Partridge and make babies.


My dad poked me to go on.

“College,” I said. “Data processing, you know, computers.” This was me trying to explain to my lovely Italian grandma why I wasn’t getting married.

“Nurse-a”? she said, a bit confused.

I could have been speaking English, Greek or Swahili. It didn’t really matter because it wasn’t her Sicilian dialect.

Living in America for seventy plus years, she’d survived just fine with a toddler’s vocabulary and hand gestures. Yet she could sing every word of the Partridge Family‘s theme song. With an early version of a fist bump to the heart, she made it clear “bello” Keith Partridge and I should get together. Which was the goal of every girl sleeping with a Tiger Beat magazine under her pillow.
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5 False Expectations That Will Ruin Your Day

False Expectations Motivational Funny quote.jpgfunny life quote false expectation

You want to believe in people, right? That what they say to you is the truth. And promises made will be honored. But when the bond of expectation proves false — for example: I promise to always put the seat down — who can you rely on? Well, you of course. Or a foot powered seat closer. Trust me, it’s a thing.*

See we have these lofty expectations about people. The right guy or gal. The co-worker or supervisor. The kid who takes your order over the phone. The government. Hell, everybody is capable of feeding you a line. And you, Mr. and Miss Gullible, believe it all — hook, line and sinker.

And why not?

Your mamma taught you tell the truth, so help you God.

Politicians swear to defend the Constitution of the United States, “so help me God”. Witnesses swear to “tell the truth, the whole truth, so help me God”. Men swear to put the seat down, so help me God, THEY DO NOT.

Do you see a pattern here?

So when did someone’s word become crap?

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Your Flaws Are Nobody’s Business

inspiration-funny-flaws-quote.png “Ilike my flaws. They define me.” That comment set me free from the daily self-sabotage of not feeling worthy. I’m only sorry that it took so long make peace with my flaws.

Should you need to feel complete and amazing and inspired today for no particular reason, there are three things you can do: inspiration funny fl

1. Take a good, extra long look in the mirror.

I’m gonna slap you if you focus on your “flaws”.inspiration funny flaws

Why is it so HARD to see beyond the surface of crow’s feet and acne scars and friggin’ ‘stache hairs? Because we (society) place so much worth and value on the superficial view.

You notice age spots multiplying faster than fruit flies. Your once plump skin slowly sinks below your jaw to party with the other two chins.

Welcome to the club.

Suck it up, and then,

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7 Funny Inspirational Quotes And Musings About Life

funny inspirational quotes

We know one thing for sure: The moment we are born the countdown clock to death begins. We must rely on small bits of funny and inspirational wisdom collected along the way to make the journey livable. Or laughable.

1. “Not every day is perfect. Sometimes it needs chocolate and beer.”

Achieving perfection is nearly impossible. That said, if perfectionism is unobtainable, is chasing it a bad thing? Let’s hope our doctors and tax accountants don’t think so.

Writer Elizabeth Gilbert (of Eat, Pray, Love and BIG MAGIC fame) says “perfection is just fear in really good shoes.”

Truthfully, most of us are comfortable going through life barefoot. It’s seem the way nature designed us and besides that, we’re less likely to trip on our way back from the bar.

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Mop The Floor And Shut The Lights

inspirational quote on moving on after adversity.jpg

There comes a point when there’s nothing more you can do to make a situation better other than to shut off the lights and exit the building. moving past failure

Too many of us spend precious days or (gasp) years on the wrong people. At the wrong job. Walking on the wrong path. Wasting daylight hanging on to false promises, believing the same lies over and over.

Are you wishing and hoping that soon, THE day of change will arrive? You know…the one where s/he comes back. The top brass finally fires your baffoon office manager. The kid flies straight?

Are you waiting for the dark clouds following you to break up and shower unicorns from the sky farting strawberry-scented rainbows?


Insanity is doing the same thing expecting different results.

You are not insane.

By now you’re spent and exhausted, depleted and drained.

If the reflection in the mirror is a face you’re tired of greeting every morning, stop. Make this is THE DAY you end the craziness controlling your life.

Ah…yes, you say. I don’t need to put up with this shit any more.

No, you don’t.

But wait, maybe it’s not all that tragic or dramatic.

It might be way more benign, but just as exasperating.

Like the lemon of a car you bought. The stupid thing went back and forth to the dealership like a teeter totter.

Every mechanic looked under the hood. Every possible part was checked, rechecked, refurnished or replaced. Meanwhile the warranty expired. And still the piece of crap didn’t work as promised.

What did you do?

You ended it. Replaced it with something that didn’t make you want to rip the hairs out of your head every single day.

You’ve tried YOUR BEST. There’s nothing left in your bag of tricks. What do you do now?

Mop the floor of your blood, sweat and tears. Shut the lights. And move the frig on.


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Original graphic: Stephanie DelTorchio



3 Ways To Deal With Criticism (The Last One Is The Bomb)

“Criticism is something you can easily avoid by saying nothing, doing nothing, and being nothing.” ~Aristotle

You’ve been on the receiving end of a critical attack, how many times?

You know what I mean.

Those unwarranted, unwelcome, perhaps unprovoked sharp little darts that sting like hell. You suffer silently, or worse, the attack plays out on social media. You scream inwardly or from the rooftops or volley back online in a virtual pissing contest. “It’s not true!” “It’s not fair!” “You suck!”

It doesn’t matter if you’re famous, infamous or neither. Sooner or later everyone ends up on the losing end of a smear campaign. Your face might not grace The National Enquirer cover (thank God for small favors) but in your immediate world, private or public exposure hurts just the same.

The problem is that you don’t have a high-priced P.R. team to launch a counter-attack. No press conferences in your defense to set the record straight.

Nope. You must go this alone.

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Stupid Is The New Smart When You’re Stuck

Funny quote on being smart and stupid.jpg

Being stupid is the lowest point on the learning curve to becoming smart. The line begins to move up when you decide to embrace T.I.M.E.* and do something ‘stupid’ — despite your situation, the naysayers, and a host of other roadblocks.

Not knowing how to do something is often the first obstacle keeping you stuck in neutral.  Seems logical. How do you move ahead when you haven’t got a freakin’ clue which direction to turn?

Answer: You step out in ANY DIRECTION and try.

Of course it’s hard. And scary. And because it’s foreign and goes against your hunky dory lifestyle, it feels “stupid”.

Maybe everything you’ve done up to this point in life worked fine. Then something happened that rocked your world in a not-so-nice way making you question everything you believed in. Sucked your worth and value, reducing your previous accomplishments and contributions to a footnote.

You say some version of:

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FAQs And The Answers

Funny quote on questions and answers.jpg

Over the years I’ve received lots of questions about me and my blog writings. I get some nice, and some weird ones. Some I really had to think about and others left me scratching my head.

Since you asked, here goes:

Is this blog your personal journey to enlightenment?

Truthfully, somedays I’m okay with finding a matching pair of socks.

I don’t get the blog name BeFAT. I’m insulted.

It’s a simple acronym that packs a wallop. It means to seize the heck out of THIS DAY, in spite of all the crap you’ve been through. One life. One time to do this. Don’t waste it. (Please read how BeFAT got its start)

I’ve had people of all shapes and sizes fight me on this…to NOT change the name of this blog, and trust me I have a long list of better names.

Here’s a little bit of tough love…

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