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Mountains vs Molehills



“Don’t make mountains out of molehills,” my grandpa said to us kids.

The idiom of course is a metaphor for the common behavior of responding disproportionately to something — we worried the cops were going to send grandpa to prison for taking a handful of blackberries from a neighbor’s yard.

My friends and I discussed mountains and molehills further at the playground while sharing the candy we’d purchased with grandpa’s hush money.

I’d visited the White Mountains in New Hampshire; huge mounds rising out of the earth that seemed to touch the big blue sky. Back in the ‘hood I don’t recall any molehills bigger than a snow cone. To me, it would take a really long time and serious climate shifting for that little molehill to get as big as even the tiniest mountain.

As a kid your experience is limited, and so is your perspective.

Older wiser adults should know better than to create big trouble over a minor issue. Eventually kids figure out that a molehill will never become a mountain as long as grandpa has change in his pocket.


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