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Making The Impossible Possible

Impossible only means that you haven't found the solution yet,quote of the day,quote,life quotes,inspirational quote,,Stephanie DelTorchio

Once the idea moves from impossible to the realm of possibility— anything can happen.
Two people visit a restaurant for dinner. Each has strict food allergies.

Person A asks the waitress if it is possible to alter the menu choices. The waitress points to the bold print at bottom of the menu: No substitutions to the menu allowed.

“It’s impossible for me to ask the chef to make changes to meals,” says the waitress. “They have a set recipe.”

Nice Person A thanks the waitress and leaves the restaurant, disappointed.

Both parties believed it was impossible to break the rule.

You can’t accomplish what you believe is impossible.

Person B reads the “no substitutions” notice on her own.

The difference in the service she receives is based on her approach with the waitress. Here’s what Person B does to change an “impossible” situation to a “possible” one:

• Engage human to human

Person B addresses the waitress by name.

• Share the facts and acknowledge the “rules”

Person B apologizes upfront for any inconvenience her food allergies might cause the waitstaff and the chef. She points to the “no substitutions” and expresses understanding that the waitress is just doing her job.

• Make allies not enemies

Person B hands the power position to the waitress. She asks if it’s possible for the waitress to help select the best options from the menu for a diet restriction.

• Offer honest praise and consideration

Person B also informs the waitress that THIS restaurant came highly recommended by friends she trusts. She offers to “pay extra” for her special request.

• The pay-off

The waitress offers to check with the kitchen. She returns with multiple options. Win for the customer. Win for the business.

What turned the impossible into possible?

Both parties wanted a happy outcome.

Person B was cordial and honest from the start. The waitress wanted to please the customer and make good on the recommendation, which she shared with the chef. Together they believed it was possible to creatively solve a problem.

The impossible is almost always possible. “Impossible only means that you haven’t found the solution yet.” – Anonymous

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Original graphic: Stephanie DelTorchio

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