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Make Your Own Freaking Lemonade

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Life isn’t always lined up in neat straight rows.

This is from a Virgo whose inner being is methodical, logical and orderly.

But when you’ve been around the planet a while the law of averages will turn against you. This is grown-up land. Where the big kids play. You’d be wise to wear a helmet, and shoulder pads.

You cannot be immune to life’s challenges, nor can you defend against them, my friend. Even if you’ve created a detailed counter plan (in the desk drawer, under the will.)

It doesn’t matter that you got all A’s in school (okay, mostly B’s.) Or you dated the high school football captain (he was a linebacker — is that a thing?) And forget that your June wedding was attended by hundreds (eloped to Maine in February — genius.)

You don’t get a free pass from the hard stuff by doing all the “right” things.

This is why when things go sour we cry “life’s not fair.”

If it were, everyone wins the lottery. Nobody ever gets sick. There’s no global warming. No child goes hungry. And the FDA puts French fries at the top of the food pyramid.

The reality is that spouses leave. Parents die. Children trip up. Businesses fail. Houses burn down. Cancer strikes.

Life serves up bushels of horribly sour lemons.

Even when you do everything right. And play by the rules.

You honor your word.

Bake cakes and mend fences.

You dot your I’s and cross your T’s.

Instead of snapping like a brittle branch you lean over backwards like a stately willow.

And still shit will happen.

Will you run and hide? Or wait to be rescued? Hell no.

You will take those freaking lemons and squeeze the living crap out of them, and make your own sweet lemonade. Because that’s what you do.

Yeah, that’s what you do.

BE F*CKING AWESOME TODAY! (and every day)

Original graphic: Stephanie DelTorchio

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