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Make A Decision

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If only the decisions we must make every day were as simple as PAPER or PLASTIC. Still, I’m sure you’ve been behind people in line at the market who can’t freakin’ answer the poor clerk. Is it really THAT hard a choice?

Makes me wonder about all the other BIG decisions that come our way. Like political or moral ones that incite arguments and protests, and cause alienation or hard feelings among our closest allies.

Some decisions sting a little, but we know deep inside, it’s for the best. When a job I loved that paid well conflicted with the opportunity of my dreams for no pay, the decision rested solely on me. I chose the later. No regrets.

But the most crushing decisions are usually the deeply personal ones. Some so gut-wrenching and painful that long after the decision is made, we continue to beat ourselves up for making it. Maybe for years we’re haunted by what motivated us at the time. Or maybe the feeling of having made the decision remains forever raw and never leaves.

The hardest decisions of all may be those we must make on behalf of others.

When my child needed to be held back in school, the decision to move the child to another school and “start again” rested on her parents. When my mother was dying and unable to speak for herself, the decision to end her support rested on her family. (She’d made her wishes known, still, someone needed to sign the paper).

Life will always require us to make decisions. All we can do, is choose the best option, as honestly and humanly as possible, with the knowledge we have AT THE TIME. And then trust we’ve done our best.

Whatever the choice you must make, take a breath, be brave, and make a decision.

From me to you: I hope and pray choosing PAPER or PLASTIC is the hardest decision you’ll ever face. If you can’t make a choice, bring your own bags, but don’t hold up the line.


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