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Make A BeFAT Jar

Me and my recycled BeFAT Vase.

Posted December 31, 2015

Meet my BeFAT Vase! I found this beauty in the Swap Shop at our local recycling center. One man’s trash…my treasure.

I don’t claim to have invented this idea. Grateful Jars, Happiness Jars, whatever you wish to call them, have been around for a while.

Mine is empty today. All the dried up foliage it held started to fade and collect dust, so it was time to toss the shriveled mess out, wash it clean and find another use for it. And there’s something very promising about the whole process of clearing away the old junk and preparing the space for a new purpose. A clean slate. A new beginning.

Starting January 1, at the end of each day I vow to write a note to remind me of something awesome that happened that day.

Not earth shattering moments. Small things. Things that normally float by life without us paying much attention to them.

Like the cashier handing out a Dove chocolate to everyone in line. How awesome is that?

Or, I’m two weeks into my exercise program, sticking to it, and feeling good. Awesome.

At the end of the year you’ll have 365 notes. Oh the memories! The stories!

During the year you’ll no doubt have a sucky day. Reach into your jar, my friend, and read a few of your BeFAT notes. You’ll have probably forgotten them. On this day you’ll be glad you wrote them to remind yourself of how awesome your life is, despite the crappy day you’re having today.

Find your own jar, box, bag, or some random castaway recyclable and make it your BeFAT reminder.


Image: “Selfie”

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