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Is It Laziness?

Why do we do it?

Before I hit the floor I have a plan for the day. I go over it in my head. Deadlines first, then obligations in order of importance, then all the rest. I’m rather ambitious in my plan, often overly ambitious to a fault.

You’d think procrastination runs counter to someone like me with such an organized regiment. And you’d be wrong. This over-reaching often ends in self-wallowing defeat. It’s a case of the mind is willing but the rest of me says: Hahaha, you’re funny.

On a daily basis I play this cat and mouse game with my head. I can dream up any number of delay tactics, i.e. excuses for not getting my ass in gear.

It starts at the same time I finish the mental checklist: The coffee tastes so good I’ll have another cup, while I sit in bed, and watch the same news from an hour ago. I tell myself to get a move on, then reorganize the TO DO list in my head. I wonder if today is “Arms” or “Legs” or “Abs” day. No, I think it’s “skip” day. The overflowing basket of laundry taunts me, and heck, I have no clean jeans to wear. Since I’m not seeing anybody today why not hang out in the jammies?

This round-robin self-inflicted madness serves only one purpose. To stop me from doing my job.

I’m all for chilling and deliberately doing nothing. There’s a time and place for it. Just not today. I know this intellectually, and yet I’m still in bed still sipping coffee. It’s very good.

I Googled “procrastination” and chuckled at the array books and articles out there on the subject. One article lists 7 strategies for curbing procrastination.

#1: Write a list of everything you have to do today.

Okay, I like lists. Even mental lists count. Good. Check.

#2. Write a statement of intentions.

A statement of what? And here I gave up. There’s no reason to write down why or how I intend to tackle my list. What I need is a good swift kick in the fanny and get out of bed. I will do just that. After another cup of coffee. It’s really good.

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