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Be F.A.T. Inspiration For Newbies

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Some of you have been on this BE F.A.T. journey with me for a while. Thanks for staying when there are lots of options out there. Humor me a minute okay? There are new people checking out this site and I’d like your help in crafting our BE F.A.T. message. How I see it and how YOU see it could be as far as the east is from the west. inspiration motivation humor blog

My daughter says that the “F” word is wide open to interpretation. It means something different to every reader — Fabulous, Fantastic, Free, Forgiving, etc. True?

If you don’t want to read the text there’s an audio link option. It’s my first attempt at trying this. I’m way out of my comfort zone making a recording, but what the hell right? My dog kept looking at me, like, “you talking to me?”

I’d appreciate your feedback on where we go from here together. Please leave a comment.


(Audio Version of Welcome message…I could have been less serious…)

A message to our new friends:

Here you are.

On this website.

Where the motto is BE F.A.T. — Be Fcking Awesome Today! (and every day). inspiration motivation humor blog

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Let’s address a few housekeeping items:

First of all, this website is for adults engaging in no bullshit adult conversations. This means occasionally some content will not be appropriate for all listeners.

Next, you need to be onboard with the whole tongue-in-cheek BE F.A.T. thing. If you’re sensitive or humorless it’s probably best to UNSUBSCRIBE now. You have been warned.

And finally, the information you share is never sold or rented to third parties. (see PRIVACY POLICY and TERMS OF USE for the legal wording)

We good? Okay.

Now that you’ve agreed to hand over your email, what’s in it for you?

A few times per week you’ll receive what I hope are:

Inspirational and motivational rants sprinkled with a little adult humor
to empower YOU to do EPIC SHIT before YOU die.

“Wait…I’m going to die?”

Uhm. Yep. It’s time to get over that one.

“You want me to do epic what? Me? How?”

Take a deep breath my friend.

I want you to think back a minute to when you were a small child. It was summer vacation. You had no schedule, no fears, but a wild imagination., Be Childlike positive quote and graphic

What did you do from morning until dark and then could hardly wait until the next day to do it all over again? The thing or things you did
that made your little heart sing?

You’re in search of that same feeling, but now as a grown up big person.

“I can’t…,” you say. “You don’t know about my messy/sad/unfair/screwed up life.”

Oh honey, we’ve all got the goods, okay?

But you’re playing in the big kid’s sandbox now.

Maybe life’s got you in a bit of a slump, huh?

Well know this for sure: You’ve got everything it takes to turn that sucker around. Deep down inside you know it’s true so stop second-guessing yourself.

Stop doing the same insane things over and over.

Stop compromising to please everybody.

Don’t settle for “okay” or “getting by” or “coasting” to the end, whatever the hell that means.

Don’t live the rest of life by default because you think it’s too late.

Or you’re too old.

Or unqualified.

Or don’t have the right connections.


Stop it already.

Instead be deeply committed to saying:

Dammit. This is WHO I am. This is WHAT I do. These are the PEOPLE I do this for.

You still with me?

If your answer is yes, good.

We’ll wait while you dig your CAPE out of the closet and dust off your superpowers. You’re going to show the world who’s boss.




What If I Fall quote.jpg

LEAP farther than you believe possible. Impossible only means you haven’t found the solution yet.

SOAR above your limiting beliefs.

FLY beyond your fears with the courage of a superhero.

If you hate your job, find another one.

If your relationship sucks, fix it or end it.

If you don’t have enough money, do whatever it takes to make what you need. (Probably less than you think).

Whatever isn’t working, keep trying until you make it work. If you’ve done everything you can and it’s still broken, quit it.

The purpose of this life is not too difficult to figure out.

My darling, you were put on this planet to be HAPPY.

Your choices and reactions sometimes make life seem like a royal cluster fuck, right?

Listen, this isn’t 8th grade any more. You’re past the need to fit in with the popular kids or be asked to the junior prom.

The time has come to HOST YOUR OWN DAMN PARTY.

Here’s an important newsflash:

There’s no guarantee you’ll live until the stroke of midnight. Heck, a wheelbarrow might fall from the sky at 2:47 this afternoon and find YOU waiting for the light to turn green.

Yeah, life can be that freakin’ random and unpredictable.

Zig Ziglar quote on starting.jpgYour life’s job is to bless us with your gifts and talents — don’t hold anything back.

Show us,

entertain us,

teach us,

move us,

challenge us,

inspire us,

help us,

lead us,

WOW us.

Leave the place a little better because YOU WERE HERE. Do this and it’s a promise, we will never forget you.

Listen, my friend, from time to time life throws you shitty curve balls.

On those days you might question whether your efforts are worth it or not. It tests your resolve to fold up or carry on. Pssst…choose CARRY ON.

Here’s where you must force yourself to find the small bits of wonder and awesome among the everyday bullshit. If you can’t find something to reaffirm your faith that you’ll get through it, LOOK HARDER.

So what are you going to do about it, huh?

C’mon, you ain’t get any prettier sitting in front of the TV or “thinking” or commiserating with your friends on the phone. 

Enough with the excuses, explanations, wallowing and whining.

The clock is tick-tick-ticking my friend…

Now go and


You can do it.

You know you can do it.

Spend time to remember, and embrace, that little child.

Go do that thing you always wanted to do. The thing you promised “someday I…” Not so surprisingly “someday” turns out to be NO DAY. Make today THE DAY.

I hope one of the blog posts you’ve graciously allowed me to send you provides a dose of inspiration and motivation. Let me know what will help you CARPE that AWESOME DIEM going forward.

I’m on my own journey with you. Let’s BE F.A.T. together.












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  • Love, love, love the assertive, sassy, nurturing voice over! I read while you spoke…… Awesomely impactful! You did epic shit with this message format 😎

    • Appreciate your feedback my friend. Scary shit to put my voice out there but I feel safe here. Have been thinking of adding audio or video posts. This is a test. A voice is one thing…if I need to fix my hair…baby steps. 🙂

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