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Your Flaws Are Nobody’s Business

inspiration-funny-flaws-quote.png “Ilike my flaws. They define me.” That comment set me free from the daily self-sabotage of not feeling worthy. I’m only sorry that it took so long make peace with my flaws.

Should you need to feel complete and amazing and inspired today for no particular reason, there are three things you can do: inspiration funny fl

1. Take a good, extra long look in the mirror.

I’m gonna slap you if you focus on your “flaws”.inspiration funny flaws

Why is it so HARD to see beyond the surface of crow’s feet and acne scars and friggin’ ‘stache hairs? Because we (society) place so much worth and value on the superficial view.

You notice age spots multiplying faster than fruit flies. Your once plump skin slowly sinks below your jaw to party with the other two chins.

Welcome to the club.

Suck it up, and then,

2. Have a stern talk with that beautiful person you see: the thinker, dreamer, believer, warrior, challenger, truth seeker, creator, spiritual healer, artist, competitor, wanderer, deliverer, kick ass, interesting, logical, inspiring, child of the most high, staring back at you.

In plain view.

AMAZING right?

The combination of attributes bestowed upon you, and nobody else, is your compass in this life. Together they direct your purpose; fulfill your development, and in the process, bless the rest of us with all you have to offer.

Pretty cool, huh?

Now hold on to your hat Harry…

“I’m not all that,” you say. “Believing my faults and flaws and ‘issues’ is easier.”


3. Make peace (once and for all) with the flaws you see: the neurotic, hypocritical, perfectionist, flame thrower, “not good enough”, intolerant, dependent, insecure, befuddled, confused, exhausted, stubborn, arrogant, impatient, addicted, judgmental, angered, critical, gullible, dramatic, martyr, staring back too.

Relax. Take a breath. Stop the self-flagellation and lies.

We’re born flawed, we’ll die flawed

Each one of us is an evolving little blip in human history. Temporary travelers full of contradictions. It’s what makes us colorful; adored by some and loathed by others.

Side note: For you youngins, a thimble is a small metal cap worn over a finger to push a sewing needle so that you don’t accidentally acupuncture yourself. Maybe you’ve used one to shove in a tongue ring but didn’t know what the bugger was called. Now you know.


I’ve accumulated a slew of unflattering flaws. Not baby flaws like claiming your dog as a dependent on your tax return or rolling your eyes at the boss during her Friday afternoon wrap-up.

Mine are granddaddy size.

Although, the older I get the less I care about what people think about them. Feel free to jump in here, but as we get older, do flaws teeter on the line of attributes?

Follow my reasoning…

My elderly uncle just got a cell phone. I’m not sure why. He’s deaf so he can’t hear it ring and he won’t carry it because it cost too much to replace. He has, however, learned to set up an alert and swipe left to check the daily lottery numbers.

He called to give me his new number. I hung up and dialed him back at his insistence to be sure it worked.

It rang and rang and rang.

I tried again. And again. Until finally…

“Hello? Who the hell is this?”

When you’ve defended our country, stuffed cardboard into your shoes to keep your feet dry, ate tar off the street as a snack and worked the same job loyally for forty-five years, being curt, impatient and uncensored isn’t a flaw. It’s a Goddamn right.

I haven’t earned my position in  life yet, but in no particular order, here are my TOP THREE pet peeves that fall under the FLAW category of INTOLERANCE:

1. Bad Drivers

Anyone who drives drunk, distracted in any form — talking on the phone, reading a MAP (a MAP?), shaving face or legs, applying make-up, putting on clothes, yelling at people in the backseat while turning to FACE the backseat, flossing teeth — oh yeah.

I saw a guy driving alone and smiling. And then I saw a girl. AT 7 O’CLOCK IN THE MORNING DURING RUSH HOUR.

Good girlfriend. Bad driver.

Toy Car Crash.png

Which vehicle is at fault? Image via PIXABY

2. People who will not walk ten feet to put their cart in the carousel

So which is it? Your ice-cream going to melt? Goiter acting up? You gotta pee?

But I’ll bet back in the day you’d walk a mile for a Camel.1 Me thinks you’re just freakin’ lazy.

Please return your carriage to the carousel.

Shopping Carriage.png

3. People who ignore signs

Johnny and Sally can read but CHOOSE to ignore any posted sign.






The list goes on.

I suspect these people feel entitled or special or exceptional. To them rules are for the peons.

Read this: On behalf of peons everywhere: WE’RE CLOSED.

bird on danger sign.png

Make peace with your flaws

If I stacked my flaws on top of each other they’d fill the cargo hold. And there they’d sit. Dry docked. Day after day, year after year, waiting to be set off somewhere other than here.

Honestly, I decided quite a long time ago to shake hands and make up with my complicated, unhappy, stuck-in-neutral life.

The bar was set low.

I didn’t need to be right with it all. I just needed to make peace with my flaws.

Cargo Containers.png

For reasons that you may never understand, you have been given the job of taking good care of your very specific life. You are unique in the hot mess that is you.

Before you judge yourself too harshly and think you were singled out, please get this: We’re all screwed up individuals. Read the contract. It’s the inescapable flaw of being human.

It’s nobody’s business but yours

Many of  the so-called “happy” people with bright shiny faces who present themselves as above the fray, are probably the MOST flawed and fucked up of all. That’s their life to work out, not yours.

We may never completely get rid of our flaws. But we can learn to live with them and not be controlled and manipulated by their lies.

Your flaws are nobody’s business. You don’t owe anybody an explanation or apology. You’ll try to not piss off too many people, if you choose, but get the point that it’s yours alone to work out.

Know that the sun rises and sets EVERY DAY in your honor.

That your purpose on this planet, should you choose to accept it, is to bless the world with your best self — all the glowing attributes you see in the mirror. And, yep, the not-so-good, evolving ones too.

Wow us. Engage us. Bless us.

Make peace with your flaws. And please read the sign, hang up the phone, and put back the shopping cart.


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Original graphic: Stephanie DelTorchio


1 1949 Camel Cigarette commercial and slogan: “I’d walk a mile for a Camel”.



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