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I Spy With My Little Eye…A Mirage

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A mirage is an optical effect where an object in the distance appears as a mirror or water.

We’ve all seen movies where a person stranded in the desert is in desperate need of water. Hovering above the horizon he “sees” a lifesaving pool. With their last once of energy the person crawls toward the vision.

Why is it never chocolate cake?inspirational motivational quote

Some days we see what we want or need to see.

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Omar Sharif rides his horse through a mirage in his opening scene of Lawrence of Arabia. Photo source: Columbia Pictures.

In the children’s game I SPY you try to guess what the other person sees.

We were four adults entertaining a group of children by “spying” and guessing various objects while waiting for a restaurant table.

“I Spy with my little eye…” Each child said this while looking directly at the object, which made the game, well…easy.

Except for one child.

“I Spy something gray…,” said the precocious four year old looking all around, giving nothing away.

Every guess from the adults and older kids ended with a proud “nope.”

By the time our table was ready we’d exhausted every object we could see.

Proudly, the youngest player pointed to my husband’s cropped gray hair.

We were looking “out there” — at mirages. The winner focused on what was right in front of her.

Looking too far ahead is a double-edged sword.inspirational motivational quote

Done as part of a long term strategy, such as having a retirement plan, is prudent. A bucket list vacation that takes serious planning provides fun and a carrot-at-the-end-of-a-stick kind of excitement.

Although it’s good to have something to look forward to in the future, these items should run in the background of every day living.

All that is gold does not glitter.jpgHaving an eye “out there” wastes time “here”.

In the moment, making rash decisions or wild guesses or heading for a mirage seems like a good idea.

Sometimes the present isn’t pleasant. When we can’t or don’t want to confront it or take helpful action it’s easier to abort.

Crawling in the direction of what we think will be a lifesaver could have the opposite effect.

The thing is, often the best approach to survival (and winning at I SPY) is to pay attention to what’s in front of you. “Out there” is okay for planning or adventure but not as a day to day living plan.

The journey is real.

Seize the moments of this day because they won’t come around again.

Depending on the day you’re having you may hope and pray for the sun to go down. 🙂 Or maybe the day is so unbelievably magical you don’t want it to end. Either way, it’s a piece of your path.

So compelling is the desire for what’s “out there” that we’re willing to forgo what’s in front of us — real or imagined — to get to it.

It’s okay to look up at the horizon. Just be wary of making the far away destination your only goal. Its view changes as you walk towards it. Sometimes better. Sometimes not so much.

You guys, mirages are acceptable if you’re lost in the desert and in search of water. Otherwise, look closer.  “I Spy with my little eye..something chocolate.” inspirational motivational quote


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Original graphic: Stephanie DelTorchio








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