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How To Not Worry and Focus On The Present

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I‘ve often confessed to being a bit of a worry wart. Being aware doesn’t prevent worry from showing up again and again. I’m quite sure in a previous lifetime my name was Chicken Little. I ran around town waving my arms to warn everyone that the sky was falling down. Perhaps you’ve read about me.

When you live in a world of your own imagination these scenarios play out on a regular basis:

The click-click sound of the gas burner misfiring leads me to run from the house, dialing 9-1-1 because I’m convinced that the oven’s ready to explode. Turkey and all.

A single ominous cloud rolling in from the northeast means our weak trees will crash onto the roof. And we’ll need to stay in a hotel. Where is the nearest hotel? Do they allow dogs? What if…

Does anybody else SMELL that?

Seriously, you DO NOT want to live with me.

On the surface I’m calm and cool. But underneath. Let’s say volcanoes and I are loyal pen pals.

My goal in life is to chill out and focus on what IS happening rather than what MIGHT happen. With age I’ve gotten much better. Mostly because I’m slower at running from imaginary burning houses. And it takes longer to focus on the gray blobs waving outside the window at night. Is that you Grandma?

When we focus on what might happen we give up living in the present. Yeah, the sky MIGHT fall down someday. But most likely not. And it sure isn’t worth worrying about. It wastes lots of quality time.

The challenge today: Be Present.

The method for being present is fairly simple, but it’s the practice that matters most. It’s not hard to do. We just don’t do it. We let whatever thoughts run around our heads like misbehaving children.

Being present means we are acutely aware of our surroundings.

The other day my mind was far away from reality. I was on a sunny beach, enjoying the breeze and the sounds of the surf. Then the guy at the deli shouted my number for the third time.

Here’s how to practice being present:

Stop whatever you’re doing. Take a second and focus. Where are you? How do you feel? What thoughts are racing through your mind? Is anyone around you? Pay attention to all the information being taken in by your senses.

It’s sounds weird, I know.

Don’t sweat it if your thoughts wander. The point isn’t to drive every one from your mind. Just be aware that you are scattering around. Bring it into focus. Back to where you are and what you’re doing right now. Keep this up during the day. It gets easier. Promise.

I try to do this whenever my mind starts acting like a roller coaster on crack. Sometimes I’ll go back to my to do list. Remind myself what the heck I’m suppose to be focusing on.

If you practice meditation or enjoy a sport, those things can help you focus.

There probably isn’t a downhill skier who navigates a mogul trail while wondering if the chicken will defrost before dinner. And serious Zen types won’t flinch, even if the sky is falling down.

Focus. Intention. Awareness.

And stop looking up. The sky is not falling down today. I know things.

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Original graphic and quote: Stephanie DelTorchio

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