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Happiness: A Noble Goal


For many seekers, finding true happiness is easier said than done. The secret is if we choose to be happy we can be happy. It’s that simple. I’m serious.

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For one, would we even recognize Happiness if it walked up to us, tapped us on the shoulder and said, “Hey, I’m happiness, nice to meet you.”

We hold on to and become blinded by SO MUCH CRAP that blocks happiness from becoming our best friend. And it IS crap, although we don’t call it that, exactly. We call these road blocks all kinds of names: challenges, struggles, the Big C, bad boyfriend/bad girlfriend, wrong spouse, crazy boss, insane associates, disruptive children, credit card debt, weight issues, drug problems, etc. Awful, hurtful, time-consuming? You betcha.

These life’s crises then define us every day. We’re not sure we’re un-happy because we’re knee deep in trouble. There’s no denying or diminishing Big Shit that happens to us. But we woke up today.  We’re alive. It’s a given that stuff is going to continue to happen. We need to accept it and walk through it.

Someone told me: “I have no time to be happy.” Craziness.

With this attitude we’ve just made a deal with our worst enemy — ourself. We block our potential by hanging on to the itchy uckies that serve no purpose but to keep us from the ultimate goal in this lifetime — to be HAPPY. It’s supposed to be a simple achievement, instead many of us make happiness this elusive goal meant for everybody “but me”.

Look around your corner of the world to find examples of happiness (i.e. watch children at play) and go associate with happy people (children or adults!).

And please don’t think these happy people arrived on this planet skipping and whistling a Disney tune. (Okay, I know one person.) Chances are near 100% of these happy people either wrestle with or have overcome their personal journey through a swamp full of crap whose mission was or is still to eat them alive. They survive and thrive. Why? Because they chose to be happy in spite of everything; finding happiness even when there was none.

Let these people serve as evidence that happiness is possible. As tough as the quest to find true happiness can be, it is a noble quest.

Original graphic and quote: Stephanie DelTorchio

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