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Go To The Sea

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First off, I’m not very good at asking for help. So please allow me to ask instead for some honest feedback from you.

This is the backstory:

When I need refueling or a place to think I go to the sea. There’s no counting the hours I’ve stood at the water’s edge, breathing its heady scent. Delighting in the salt spray on my lips. Lulled by the rise and fall of dark green waves. This magical elixir permeates my senses in a systemic body healing unlike anything on Earth. And if you’ve ever dipped in the northern Atlantic Ocean (where I live)  you know these waters are nothing short of a frigid baptism, even in July. Invigorating is an understatement! Alive is more like it.

No wonder many of us are drawn to the Sea.

We go the Sea to recharge.

We go to the Sea to sort problems, or forget them.

We go to the Sea to find inspiration.

We go to the Sea to find purpose and meaning and peace and comfort.

We go to the Sea to relax, enjoy and NOT THINK.

No wonder we call the Sea our happy place.

Now here’s what I’m thinking:

My thought is to roll everything we’ve created with these daily BeFAT posts into a new look, and include expanded writings — free and paid eBooks — and some cool Sea-inspired swag.

I went to the Sea and she said it’s time to make some changes. 2017 is just over the dunes and this idea is something I’ve tossed around all year. So I’m curious if you’re with me on this idea: Rebrand this website Seas Your Day but keep the Be F*cking Awesome Today theme of motivational and inspirational messages.

Dear friends, I appreciate you allowing me to show up in your mailbox every day. I don’t take that lightly. Please let me know what you think of Seas Your Day. More importantly, I don’t want to grow blindly. I’d love to hear your ideas — what information are you interested in seeing here?

Lastly, I’m also curious what plans you have for 2017.

Thanks so much.



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