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A Reason To Look Up

Ralph Waldo Emerson quote sorrow fear faith.jpg Of the three feelings — sorrow, fear and faith — only one, faith, takes you in a positive direction.

“Open your eyes, look up to the sky and see…”from Bohemian Rhapsody by QUEEN

Sorrow weighs you down. sorrow fear faith

With sorrow, it’s best to keep the good memories and carry on. Looking back keeps you stuck. Also it will kink your neck and cause you to wander aimlessly into lightposts and such.

Fear paralyzes you and makes you paranoid. sorrow fear faith

There’s the old joke about a woman who feared her house would be broken into at night while she slept. What did she do? She didn’t sleep. For like twenty years. Then one night her husband heard noise downstairs and confronted a burglar. “Thank you,” the husband said. “I’m so glad you’ve finally come. My wife has been waiting for you for twenty years. Maybe now I can get some sleep.”

What you fear will eventually find you.

Faith provides hope and inspiration. sorrow fear faith

We say “keep the faith” and “have faith” when no other option seems worthy. But it’s having faith — in a higher power, your family, your friends, a chance meeting, a new opportunity — which gives us the light to look past sorrow and fear.

Just watch we’re you’re going.


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