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Dream No More

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Not doing the thing of your dreams doesn’t work anymore. We’re on to you, dreamers!

The jewelry making business, the coffee shop, the future bestselling novel, the trip to Alaska…all the things you’ve been dreaming about for the last few months, years, maybe decades — are you still stuck in the dream phase? Unable or scared to death to make it a priority?

But, you say, you don’t know about my crazy life.

I do. I hear you. Loud and clear.

And here’s a message for you: Stop dreaming. Wake Up!

My thing was to write. Write something. Anything.

I’ve dreamed about it since I was twelve years old. Toyed with it over the years. Just enough to taste it, and fear it, then run away. Oh, I know you.

I’ve started and quit. And started again. I wondered: So if not now, when? Then I jumped in and started small — a blog of short essays. I wrote some guest posts, that to my surprise got published. From there, I started this blog about finding the awesome in every day, born from a personal challenge.

When is it that you’ll get pushed to the point that makes you once and for all say, “Yes! this is the only fucking life I have. I honor my soul’s desire(s) to take a stab at this thing.”

Maybe you have just ONE thing. Maybe you have many things. That’s okay.

But when will you take a leap and start any one of your dreams? When will you take the dreams and put them in motion?

What’s your tipping point?

So what will it take to make you stop teasing your dreams, desires and aspirations and buckle down and do it?

Everything you say about WHY you can’t start is nothing but an excuse. Honestly, it is. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: You’ve got very VALID reasons for delaying your dream — children, parents, a job, no money, no education, I’m not this, I’m not that, I’m too old…hold the phone on this one…

There are people out there, who came before you, who acted on their dreams and didn’t fall on the “someday”. Stop dreaming. Start living.

I remember watching American swimmer, Diana Nyad, try, and fail, to swim from Cuba to Key West. Then in 2013, at the age of 64, Nyad successfully swam 111 miles in fifty-three hours and was immediately heralded as the toughest athlete in the world. At age 64.

That got me thinking.

If this woman still had the dream, goal and desire to take on this monumental challenge — fight rough seas full of nasty jellyfish and sharks, at HER AGE, what the hell was my problem?

It put my dream of writing a 110 page screenplay before I die in perspective.* What’s the worst I’d suffer? Some sleepless nights? A few paper cuts? Another rejection? It paled in comparison. Nobody was going to die if I wrote a bad first act.

Here are few suggestions to help jump-start your dreams:

1. Be responsible for your future

Your dream, goal or aspiration is 100% your responsibility. Today, give up the finger pointing and the myriad of reasons you haven’t started. Or that you’ve started, and stopped. Again. You are worth making it happen.

Trying and failing is WAY BETTER than never giving it a shot. With this plan you WILL FAIL 100% of the time.

2. Forget and forgive past failings

But what if I fall? Oh, but my darling, but what if you fly?

This is one of my favorite quotes of all time from Erin Larson.

What if I fall quote | www.befat.net

Quote: Erin Larson**

It’s an empowering quote, full of exciting expectation.

Of course you will fail. And more than likely you’ll fail again. And again. So what.

The Universe rewards forward motion, right?

The past is always behind you.

Keep going forward.

Forgive yourself for not being “successful” (whatever that is) the first, second, third, or one hundredth time.

The name of the game is stop looking back and forge ahead.

3. Nix the chatter

That includes the entire self-sabotage family:  doubts, negativity, back talk, criticism, judgment — all of it.

Multiple conversations in your head only hinder your progress. It’s like you’ve invited a bunch of bad party guests who won’t go home, even after you’ve let the cat out and turned off the lights.

The same goes for the people around you who don’t support your dream.

Give no dessert to those who yell in your face or whisper behind your back — you suck, you’re a fake, a phony, a fraud, you have no talent, who do you thing you are?

STOP! Please. They are against you because their dreams have failed, or they are too afraid to start exploring and discovering what may lead to something truly remarkable. Don’t be that person. Don’t allow somebody else’s sad story crush your dreams.

The voices in your head keeping you from your dream, the THING you want to do, has no authority over your will to charge ahead. Don’t listen to it, don’t invite it in. Again. Ever.

You are so worth the wait for your dreams.

4. Honor yourself

You were made for greatness. Oh, how we forget.

Remind yourself by making a list of all of your gifts and talents. Be kind to yourself for this exercise.

List things you do that you believe take NO EFFORT. The stuff you do and think, “If I can do this anyone can.” NO THEY CAN’T.

List your abilities. Artist, culinary, organizational, mechanical, musical, parenting, climbing, running, bird song identification skills. You have SO MUCH talent that you easily discount.

Know that you are so blessed, because you are.

Have courage and faith. It will seem hard at first but do not be deterred by blips along the way.

There is a huge divide between Dreaming and Doing.

Dreaming is for the complacent and lazy.

Doing is for the courageous and brave.

Stop dreaming.

Start doing.


Original graphic and quote: Stephanie DelTorchio

*For inquiring minds, did finish a screenplay — 3 of them. Writing another now. They may totally suck. So what.

**Original painting: Stephanie DelTorchio (This hangs in the bedroom expected August 2016. I hope it serves as a reminder that it is inevitable she will fall and fail. But by doing what feeds her soul, challenges her strengths and piques her curiosity, she just might find the ability to FLY.)
















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