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Do The Hardest Job First Do the hard work first. Work graphic

I thank my mother for teaching me to tackle the hardest job first. This runs counter to our human nature, which is to put off the worst task, the hard job, crappiest work, for last.

When we do this, by the time we get to it (if we ever do) most, if not all of our energy is spent. And the job we’ve delayed all day, week, month or year is the last thing we want to do. Then we roll it over until tomorrow, next week, next month, next year.

On top of that, when we “put off until tomorrow what we can do today” we feel bad, because we know the job needs our attention. We’re the only one that can do it.

The perk of doing the worst, hardest or crappiest job first? It gets done. Duh. There’s satisfaction in completion. You get to take a thick marker and cross that sucker off the To Do list.

After that one everything else seems easy. Because it is.


Original graphic: Stephanie DelTorchio
Image: Pixabay


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