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Comparing Apples To Oranges


Irecently enrolled in an online class to grow this website (and the others under my care). Part of the year long course is a private student forum. Here questions are asked and answered. Some information is helpful, but it’s the progress of the other students that brings on my self-doubt.

Many students are way ahead of me.

They’ve created lots of in-depth and interesting content. Secured advertising clients. Designed beautiful websites.

Some are making incredible progress, and posting impressive reader statistics and financial gains to the forum as proof.

Recently, the whiff of failure started to appear in the comments section. Many students expressed their desire to give up and restart later. Others dropped out.

Truth be told, I always take on more than is reasonably handled. But I’m not easily defeated either. Still, I began having doubts that a year from now my websites would benefit from all the work of growing blogs and websites.

Apparently the undercurrent of the forum — from high achievers and doubters — caught the attention of the instructor. She popped into the forum the other day to issue a supportive warning and wrote:

“Don’t compare your beginnings to somebody’s middle. It’s not a race.”

On top of that I learned that some people had taken the course before. Others have been working in the online business for years.

Knowing that I’ve decided to stay away from the forum for a while and focus on my own path.

The lesson here was an old one: Don’t compare apples to oranges.

Not many things can be compared with equal measure. This is especially true for people. And you my friend are a unique person, not a piece of fruit.

Resist the urge to compare your progress with others.

Focus on your journey.

At a pace right for you.

The only thing you should compare is your past self to your present self.

BE F♥CKING AWESOME TODAY! (and every day)

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