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Borders, Boundaries, Fences and Locks

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Creating boundaries.

Every once in a while you make yourself feel safe by creating invisible borders, imaginary boundary lines or even building a physical fence to keep others out. Here’s the problem: None of those do squat to stop a persistent person (or pesky critters for that matter) from crossing the line.

Locks as such were invented to keep honest people honest. With few exceptions (locksmiths, thieves, panicked parents) we’re not going to pick the lock to get in. Most of us are respectful and observant enough to see the fence, “feel” the cold hard line, and then walk away.

Sure sometimes we need to feel the safety we (think) we’ve created. To be left alone. To avoid confrontation. To forbid those who’ve hurt or threatened us to stay far far away.

There are times that the only way to protect yourself so that you can move forward (or mourn or reflect or think) is to shut out the world.

But if we’re on the “other side of the fence” trying to get in, we can only hope that some day you’ll leave the key under the door mat.



Original graphic: Stephanie DelTorchio

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Photo credit:Jason Blackeye on Unsplash


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