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Believe In Self-Made Magic

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Magic isn’t stuff of movies, sleight of hand trickery or for children at Christmastime. Fascinating, enchanting and spellbinding opportunities circle around you every day. Trouble is we believe it’s there for other people, not us.

To that we say POPPYCOCK! (A proper British term meaning “bullshit“).

When we take a break from our daily bread of murmuring, whining and complaining, the silliest of things can appear magical. The hints show up in the craziest places too. In quiet whispers or banging drums. In rustling leaves or ocean waves. Often IN YOUR FACE.

But only if you wipe away the skepticism. Stop the self-pity behavior. Release the anchors holding you in place.

By burying your face in your hands you can’t possibly see the world moving around you and all the goodness passing by you. And eventually you’ll get light-headed and pass out.

Listen, despite the craziness of this world (and there’s some seriously crazy nonsense going on), there’s a lot of cool shit waiting for you.

Yes, it’s so easy to lean on the negative and expect the worse.

Open a newspaper. Turn on the TV. Lend an ear to the town gossip…

You can go on and keep feeling justified in your penance and circle the same mountain over and over again,



Change your mindset. Change your life. Right?

Start your day by taking a minute to set yourself straight.

Have a meeting with yourself.

Close your eyes and DECIDE you will not waste today on whatever has been strangling you for days, weeks, months…God, years…

Now, open your eyes.

Look north, south, east and west.

As far as you can see, and beyond, is open for you to seize.

When you anticipate that something good and magical will happen to you today, it’s likely something good and magical will happen to you today!

And it’s probably been there all along, waiting patiently for you to believe it’s there just for you. ‘Cause it is.


Original graphic: Stephanie DelTorchio

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