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Be Yourself, Everyone Else Is Already Taken

Once again I’ve been the victim of mistaken identity.

I am not a weather girl. With all due respect to the sisters with real credentials, I am not a Meteorologist either.

I’ve been stopped too many times to count. I’m honest right away. Nope, not your gal. Still, they turn their heads trying a different angle, so sure I’m somebody they’ve seen somewhere. Trust me, at eleven p.m. I’m sleeping through the weather report.

This has happened so many times, my pat answer now is, “Yeah, I get that a lot, it’s the hair,” or if pressed, “It’s going to be a beautiful weekend. Get out and enjoy.”

Here’s the thing: I’m average. In height and weight, a homogeneous middle-aged female. I blend well in a crowd.

My husband, who loses me everywhere we go, claims 90% of the blondes in this country use the same hair color dye as me, including, apparently, weather girls.


I’ve been stopped by:


Women (Bead and Button Convention Ladies. Who knew, right?)

Men, some famous  (including then Senator, now Secretary of State John Kerry; former Celtics NBA player M.L. Carr on a JetBlue flight)

Numerous servers, clerks, librarians, and one Marriott doorman who thought I was much nicer in person.

In line at Panera this adorable girl, about 10, is standing next to me awaiting her order. She looks up and smiles; I smile back.

“I like your hair,” she says.

“I like your hair too.” Hers is dark brown, blunt cut with thick bangs, very Prince Valiant.

“I know who you are,” she says.

I shake my head, no.

“You’re the lady on television. You tell us the weather in the morning.”

Again I shake my head no. “I’m a writer.”

Quick to snarl back, she says, “My Mom says you should tell the truth every time.”

“Your Mom is right. Tell her it’s going to be a beautiful weekend. Get out and enjoy.”



Original graphics: Stephanie DelTorchio
Sunshine Clip Art: iClipart

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