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Life is a crapshoot. Find small moments to Be F*cking Awesome Today.

Today is your youngest day on Earth.

Digest that for a second. Got it? Good.

Now multiple your age by 365. Take that number and subtract it from 36,500 -- the average number of days most of us can expect to live and breathe on planet Earth. What remains is the expected number of days left in your life.

So, how will you spend your time? Good question, no?


The idea behind the BE F.A.T. message came to me many years ago, but it didn't really have a name then. [Click here to read The Day that launched the lifestyle]

It got a name a few years ago, and a new start, from a casual conversation with a friend:

Instead of signing off my emails with ‘Have a nice day’, I started writing: B.A.T. (Be Awesome Today). A friend was having a less than stellar day so I added an extra punch: the ‘F’, which got a laugh.

It quickly became this inside joke -- a short, laser pointed kick-in-the-pants reminder to Be Fcking Awesome Today, before the sand in my hourglass runs out. To appreciate the finite time on this planet. Live my life.

Let's face it: Life's a crap shoot. For all the exercising, "clean eating" diet and positive thinking I do, the fact is, on any day a meteorite might fall from the sky; just like that, the party's over.

I've seen it happen.

You've seen it happen.

None of us is special enough to escape the inevitable. (In a quiet whisper: We're all gonna die.) But we're all special enough to make the best of it.

Not sure about you my friends, but there's lots I want to do before I go TITS UP.

BE F.A.T. forced me and many others to walk the walk, to count blessings, for real this time. To do everything in your power to make TODAY count, which is especially hard on days when unpleasant things happen. And if we live long enough, shitty things, sucky people and ugly situations always happen.

The silver-lining is the ability to choose to shift your thinking. Make the experience, good or bad, count for something. Less pissing, more praising, okay?

I don’t know much (ask anybody) but trust me on this one: If you let it, BE F.A.T. will become an acronym that haunts you every time you want to hurl something, punch somebody, give in or give up.

Write it somewhere where you'll see it first thing in the morning. Keep it nearby. When you feel yourself on the verge of sliding...

Let the little voice call to you, my friend. Be Fcking Awesome Today. And every day.


Stephanie DelTorchio


I am a blogger and writer who left a varied career in marketing and promotions to pursue my life-long goal to write something worth reading. I hope to become a famous author before I die, which as I've made clear, could be any day now.