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A Simple Perspective

Quote: While you waste time wishing for someone's life, someone is wasting time wishing for yours. Scary right? | www.befat.net | Stephanie DelTorchio | life quotes

A short tale about an accountant, a garbage collector and a King. Sounds like the beginning of a bad joke. Except nobody walked into a bar…

A lowly accountant exited his office after 5 o’clock and glanced at the sunset over the king’s palace. “It is unfortunate that I was not born of royalty,” the man said to himself. “Servants. Maidens. At the snap of my fingers, everything taken care of. My life would have been so easy.” The accountant walked towards the small town where the scent of garbage permeated the air.

Two garbage collectors carried smelly loads of other people trash on their backs.  One of them saw the accountant and said to the other: “I should have been a better student and gone to college, like that guy. I’d be shoveling papers instead of garbage all day and by the end of a normal day my back wouldn’t hurt. My life would have been so easy.”

As the sun gave up its last rays, the King looked out from his palace balcony to the people coming and going in town. He watched the accountant and the garbage collectors, the salesmen, teachers, store keepers, bakers, adults and children. How nice it must to be free to come and go through the streets of town. To do physical labor. To take care of oneself and not the burden of a kingdom. Without the worry of politics and protocol and the feeling of seclusion. “If only I’d been born a commoner. My life would have been so easy.”

While you waste time wishing for someone’s life, someone is wasting time wishing for yours. Scary right? I’ll drink to that.

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Original graphic: Stephanie DelTorchio

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