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6 Ways To Get Unstuck


You’ve got a ton of things to accomplish today. The list is still long and the sun is about to set. Your eyes blur and it’s entirely possible you’re wearing yesterday’s underwear.

We get consumed by too much stuff to do to the point of confusion, and a confused mind either makes irrational decisions or does nothing.

Your brain freaks out. You feel stuck, like in molasses stuck.

Your work suffers or doesn’t get done at all. Relationships become strained when you ditch another meet-up time or un-volunteer the time you volunteered for. The house is a disaster. You can’t find your shoes. In short, your world is a mess.

How do you get unstuck and make progress?

First ask yourself a few questions:

• What’s the most important thing(s) I need/must accomplish today?

• Why the hell am I not doing it?

• Are there small steps I can take to get it done?

Getting unstuck isn’t easy. But there are a few ways to oil up the stiff gears and hopefully get you going again. Different things work for different people but here are a few ideas you might wish to try.

1. Make a list and pare it down
I love lists. I make lists for my lists. It’s an obsession which wastes a ton of time that I could use to do actual work.

Seriously though, make a list. A very short one. Three things, no more. Complete the most important or scariest or hardest one first. When you finish, go to the next thing on your list. And so on.

2. Get off your ass
I’ll put on workout clothes first thing in the morning as a way to psyche myself up –although I’ve been known to stay in them all day waiting for inspiration. This method is a success if I stretch while waiting for the coffee to brew. The point is, move, in any direction, even if it’s a quick walk to the end of your driveway, a stroll around the block with the dog, or a few reps up and down the stairs. It gets the blood flowing to your brain.

3. Set a timer for 30 minutes
Someone beat me to writing a book on potty-training using a kitchen timer. I’ll assume you’re potty-trained now, so use this technique to train yourself to complete a task. Set your timer for 30 minutes. Start your task and work towards completion before it goes off. Reset the timer if you must to finish before moving on to the next thing. Amaze yourself how efficiently you work under pressure. (Way too many potty references here).

4. Clean the Toilet
Or any mundane task. Divert your attention to something that doesn’t require a lot of thought until you get motivated enough to tackle the big stuff. If this idea fails, at the very least you’ll have a sparkling toilet bowl.

5. Crank up the Music
Create playlists from songs that motivate you. I love the soundtrack to the movie, The Big Chill to garden or paint. I prefer soft jazz instrumentals when I write. Find the beat that motivates you for the task.

6. Practice Meditation or Prayer
Sit quietly and let your mind go. Relax. Be aware of your breathing. Find your happy place, as they say, and “be” there. If it’s the sound of ocean waves, hear it. If it’s the warmth of spirit, feel it.

Consider something else: That this stuck moment may be a signal you need to chill or take a necessary time-out in preparation for a coming change.


Original graphic: Stephanie DelTorchio
Image: Pixabay


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