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5 Reasons You Worry About Not Doing Enough (and What To Do About It)

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5 reasons you worry about not doing enough

Life is a balance of time and energy. As we run out of both we often worry that we’re not getting enough done during the day. At night our head hits the pillow and the self-criticism begins. “There’s so much I didn’t get done today.”

This “production drive” is a self-imposed constraint. It makes us as grumpy as a sleepless toddler at minimum, and downright physically ill at its worst.

Of course we have “must do things” every day and then there’s the other crap we pile on top of it.  Add GUILT to the mix of why we’re not doing more and it’s no wonder we become crazy people.

Worry #1 – Setting unrealistic expectations

There’s nothing wrong with lofty goals, but if we spend every day reaching for the stars using a pogo stick we’re going to get awfully tired.

Make a realistic list of the absolute musts of the day. Preferably the night before. I’ve learned to list the three MOST important things I absolutely want or must tackle. (Read: Be A Creature of Good Habits) This life hack has helped me get shit done by taking on the worst tasks first. If you go with a longer list, on a second look, how many of those “musts” can you, for example:

Delegate –  Get your kids to pack their own lunch.

Defer  –  Move the car inspection to Saturday.

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Worry #2 – What “they” say about you

May I be frank? Who gives a flying fuck what “they” say? Let’s end the journey of going around the same mountain again. “They” and “those people” only exist in an alternative universe, and you need to move out of the neighborhood. Your world should be full of family, friends and associates who don’t judge your ability to outdo their to-do list. If that happens, well, you know what to do with THOSE people.

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Worry #3 – Running out of time

Here’s a reality: There’s 24 hours in a day and your days are numbered.

How does the old saying go? We’ll die with a full Inbox. You will run out of time. Case closed. If too many things are scheduled for this day, you WILL run out of day before the last one is crossed off. In the broader picture, we have no idea how much time we’ve got on this circle. We’re all on a unique time clock.

Time is always ticking away.

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Worry #4 – Bad things will happen

Yes, if you’re lucky enough to rack up the years, bad shit is going to happen. Nobody gets off scot-free. Sorry.

Since we can’t predict the future, it behooves* us to stop worrying about what we can’t control. It’s true, the cancer might come back. The kids might return, and bring other people, and a dog!

The future is a big giant unknown. Say to yourself:

“I accept that shit is going to happen. I’ll deal with it openly, honestly and with courage WHEN and IF it happens. But today, it’s not my worry. Amen. Good-bye. Sayonara. Have a nice day.”

Tuck your fears of what might happen in your back pocket and carry on with THIS day.

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Worry #5 – I care so much

Worry and care are not mutually exclusive, in my world.

I tell the people I love some version of: “Let me know when you’re traveling so I can worry about you the whole time.” I ask my grown-up kids to call me when they get (back to their) home. Instead they laugh at me, but use an App to share their ETA. Because they care, I guess.

Does my worrying make me CARE more than the next guy/gal that doesn’t? No. This one I own, and need to fix.

“Worry is a beach walk in July, wearing a down jacket, expecting snow. It’s stupid.” ~Stephanie DelTorchio

Instead, say a prayer for safe travels, speedy delivery, positive outcomes, and then, as the Good Book says, cast your care. No amount of time sucking worry (and that’s what it is) will change the results. Worrying more doesn’t mean nothing bad will ever happen. Please refer back to Worry #4.

The kicker to worrying  you’re not doing enough is…

The worry list goes on and on. We’re doing too much. Not doing it right.

We worry that we’re falling behind of the people at work producing more and being promoted.

We worry that our “fake” social media allies are living a more amazing and beautiful life than us.

We worry that our kids aren’t “on track”.

We worry about what we didn’t finish or haven’t started.

We worry we’re living in the wrong house, the wrong city, wrong country.

We worry we’re sleeping on the wrong mattress. (There’s a commercial that makes me wonder!)

We worry we’re too heavy, too skinny (SHUT UP!), too tall, too white, too black, too late…

We worry that we know we can be so much more but we’re not getting there fast enough. Ahem…please review Worry #3.

I’ve probably felt some of these ways ten times before my first cup of coffee. I can’t be the only person who feels like this.

How to stop worrying about what you’re NOT doing

Embrace it.

We have this version of a perfect life. It goes something like this:

We’re the right sex. The perfect height for our weight. We hold the right degrees, have the right experience, and the best credentials. Our closets are clean and organized. Our friends and neighbors adore us. We can cook, sew, garden, mend, saw, paint, lift, run, climb, fix, repair and create everything and anything, at the same time, with ease.

This idealistic world lives in our heads. And it’s mighty crowded and claustrophobic in there. The competition to be more and get more done is fierce. IN OUR HEADS.

The vast majority of us are regular people, okay? With similar fears and faults and challenges, coupled with hopes and dreams and goals. Just making our way from Sunday through Saturday and back around with our sanity in check is sometimes enough.

But here’s the awesome reveal. You’re a one-of-a-kind human. You possess incredible strengths and talents that are totally unique to the face in the mirror.

We should use our best selves and go forward. Every day. Until there are no more days. Suck it for all it’s worth, and try to eliminate the worry aspect as much as possible.

There’s no perfect version of life, or of you.

If we’re gifted with another tomorrow, it’s our obligation to ourselves, and the world, to go and do the things that make us happy. And to live as worry-free as possible doing it.

Just know that whatever you accomplish today is good enough for the day.

Original graphic & quote: Stephanie DelTorchio

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