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24 Ways To Be Awesome Today

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I challenge you to dig deep and find at least 24 things you did to Be F-g Awesome Today — one for each hour of the day. Don’t shrug off the silly or nice things you think you should do because you’re such a swell gal/guy; it all counts.

From the simple to the expected many of the things you do every day, the rote tasks and regiments you take for granted, are important to your health and well-being or someone you know.

In case you get stuck, follow all of your waking moments for one entire day. Here’s a few ideas to jump start your list:

  1. Upon waking.
  2. Getting yourself ready for the day.
  3. Getting some else ready.
  4. Preparing for the day, before you head out the door.
  5. Your commute from here to there, and every place in between.
  6. Your work or volunteer time or social engagements, and the people you interact with.
  7. The breaks and time-outs you take — where do you go, who do you see, what happened?
  8. Your after work, school or other activities.
  9. Travel time — car, bus, train, plane, motorcycle, bike, donkey (could be).
  10. How you end the day.

Be conscious of your movements, actions and interactions. I do believe when you put pencil to paper you will feel exhausted and also your list will easily surpass 24.

I’m open to start. Here’s my Sunday, the quietest day of the week:

  1. Poured last night’s pot roast gravy over the dog’s food (well, she thought I was awesome).
  2. Brought coffee to my husband in bed (it’s usually him being the awesome barista, but it’s Sunday).
  3. Blessed people on our, sadly too long, prayer list with a coffee toast. A special prayer for an infant we recently learned was diagnosed with cancer.
  4. Flossed my teeth.
  5. Skipped the hot shower and tried the cold shower formula. It’s supposed to invigorate you. Not a fan. I froze my ass but I saved a few gallons of hot water and felt a bit brave for trying. #neveragain
  6. Took a 12 mile stationary bike ride before making a…
  7. “Green” shake with spinach, celery, avocado, grated ginger and pea protein. (Don’t knock it until you try it, right?).
  8. Took the medication I fight with my physician about, but I’m trying to stay off WebMD and listen to a human professional.
  9. Worked the “thawing” shoulder even though it hurts like hell. I’m bound and determined to hold a new grandbaby soon until someone rips him out of my arms — good luck with that one.
  10. Made Italian tomato sauce, meatballs and sausage for the family’s Sunday lunch even though I’ll be having the broccoli patties (sono vegetariano– see #20).
  11. Folded two loads of female laundry that belonged to someone else. (Not a pair of cotton Fruit of the Looms briefs in the bunch).
  12. Ironed some Extra Large Tall Man shirts which say ‘No Iron’ on the label. Hahaha.
  13. Conceded to watch Golf. Not any golf; the Masters.
  14. Turned over the compost in anticipation of Spring (It’s coming to New England, right?).
  15. Chased a coyote around the house with my grandson (technically, the coyote was outside, we were inside running from window to window with binoculars).
  16. Made indoor sandcastles with a fake sand product and a real 5 year-old. Missing: the beach, actual sand, sun, Rum Punch in the pink thermos that everyone thinks is lemonade. I may have shared too much.
  17. Watched the f-g FROZEN movie for the 812th time and sang all the songs. Let It Go. Even that’s old.
  18. Reviewed some writing materials for a friend on a deadline.
  19. Sent a long overdue letter to a young lady who has been through serious trauma. Kept my tone light and funny — just like she’d expect.
  20. Practiced conversational Italian.
  21. Practiced conversational Spanish (laughed at myself when I mixed up Italian and Spanish, but happy with my progress since I now can hear the difference. Not sure the Italians will appreciate my Romantic language version of Pig Latin this summer.
  22. Made take home doggie bags for my kids.
  23. Offered our beach parking pass to someone who wanted to walk the beach.
  24. Hooked the cousins up on Skype. Something hilarious about 5 year-old kids and technology and 1,500 miles between them.
  25. Went to bed and fell asleep at a reasonable time.

My 25 things are hardly awesome on the surface. But as I look over the list I realize I haven’t hurt anybody or caused trouble. Sunday is typically quiet and laid back. This day included the people in this world I love most. A work day (aren’t they all?) would include other entries on the awesome list but you get the idea.

Try it. Be brave and list as many as you can. You ARE awesome. Put it on paper. The next time you’re feeling less than awesome pull out your list.


Original graphic: Stephanie DelTorchio

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