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10 Simple Ways To Create Your Best Day

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Imagine for today that you don’t have a single worry or care in the world. Only bliss and buttercups. Not an overdue bill.  No unsolved riff with a friend. No lingering head cold.

What would that day look like to you? Pretty sweet, I’ll bet.

But we’re regular normal people, and things aren’t always so cheery.

On days that seem to start off on the wrong foot, I hear my own voice whispering: “You can have a good day or a bad; it’s up to you.” I say this A LOT to other people hoping to move them past a funky mood. This morning, it was my turn for a little STFU and be grateful chat.

It’s a choice, most of the time, right? on setting our attitude straight. Point is, we have the power to change our day in the direction we want it to go. A quick mind shift makes us truly grateful for being invited to the party one more time.

As someone who writes all day, I outlined ten simple ways to create my best day. If some of these work for you, that’s great. Use them. But take the time to list (at least) 10 ways to create YOUR best day.

1. Be Aware.

Instead of having my mind wander, I will focus on what’s in front of me, and really feel it’s impact. For somebody with the attention span of a gnat, this is a struggle. But the significance of seeing a butterfly emerge from a cocoon isn’t lost on me, even when the squirrels chasing each other around the tree trunk grab my interest.

2. Minimize My To-Do List.

I will only focus on the most important items today. It will be a relief to have those things done. And if I’m really honest, there aren’t many super urgent things to do. It’s not like I’m in charge of making the Earth rotate. (I know people who believe it’s THEIR job, and they can have it.) I’ll stress myself less by putting away the long list for another day. Taking a few things to the cleaners isn’t world-shattering, is it?

3. Contact Someone Whose Been On My Mind.

There are people who constantly come into my mind. Often the busyness of the day keeps me from reaching out to them. People I haven’t seen or spoken to for far too long. Taking a few minutes today to connect or reconnect will end my day on a happy note. And hopefully it’s mutual.

4. Plan A Trip

Spend time planning for the next place to visit. Sometimes it’s to a warm place (if I’m feeling cold) or maybe to be immersed in a different culture. Travel changes who we are. Even a day trip to a museum or hike will make this day a good one.

5. Clean My Space and Get Organized.

The older I get the more I hate clutter. Starting my day with a clean desk gets the necessary work done quicker. For the record, I hate spending time looking for stupid shit, like batteries, when they’re spread all over the house instead of in ONE box. A place for everything and everything in it’s place, is a motto worth living.

6. Spend Time In Nature.

Taking a walk on the beach is about as happy as I get. You can call it exercise, if you’d like. Pulling weeds or digging in the dirt around the yard is a very close second. Moving physically around in the fresh air and sunshine has a positive effect on my day. I think clearer. I sleep better. I feel alive.

7. Make A 90 Day Plan. (AKA The Get Shit Done Plan)

I’m a person of projects, yet for years I felt like a hummingbird, fluttering from one to another without fully completing any. Too many things interested me that I found it hard to focus, and finish. Over time I’ve learned to stay on task. I put only the projects which can be finished in 2 weeks, more or less, on my schedule. I do this in 90 day blocks (2 weeks per project) and then revisit and assess progress. Each day I know I’ll work towards finishing ONE PROJECT before moving on. It’s not as rigid as it sounds. Bottom line: I get shit done.

8. Listen To Music I Love.

I’m a little all over the place here. When I want some background music while I write, many times I lean toward classical — no lyrics to distract me. If I’m walking alone, my tunes are likely classic 70s rock. On the beach, Reggae and some Jimmy Buffett or even The Blues. If I can’t pick a selection, my fallback is the Soundtrack to The Big Chill. Music is the universal language, so they say. I speak many languages.

9. Watch The Sunrise, Sunset or Moonrise.

It’s not hokey. Take today to watch the sun slowly fade below the horizon as if it’s the only thing happening in the world. Or wake up early to catch it rise over the beach. Or the Moon. There’s something magical about moonlight. I take it to another level by enjoying a glass of wine.

10. Be With The Ones You Love.

If this were my last day on Earth, I can count on two hands the people I want by my side. Creating my best day will always include spending time with one of these people.

Find your own 10 simple ways and keep them handy. Create your best day ever.


Original graphic: Stephanie DelTorchio

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